Bio-Poem: Matthew

Bio-Poem: Matthew Tortorelli


Honest, Thoughtful, Go-Getting

Son of Heather and David, Brother of Nicholas

Lover of Travel, Photography, and Sleep

Who feels thankful for a roof over his head, to be able to learn, and have great friends

Who finds happiness in a long sleep, good food, and an entertaining Netflix series

Who needs to practice waking up earlier, exercising, and being more patient

Who gives kindness to his peers, his family and his pets

Who fears spiders, insects, and the tension of global nations

Who would like to see the world, be successful, and be happy

Who enjoys fresh bagels, an iced coffee (every once in awhile) , and exploring the wonders of

New York City

Who likes to wear socks inside-out on a cold, winter day, t-shirts and a new pair of sneakers

Born in Danbury, CT Resident of Easton, CT


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