Bio-Poem: Maye


Humorous, humble, respectful, giving

Daughter of Charlotte and David, sister of Madigan and Malin

Lover of my horses (Rudy and Nutmeg), my family, and nature

Who feels thankful for my friends, animals, and doing what I love

Who finds happiness in riding my horses, spending time with relatives, as well as goofing around

Who needs to care for others, give back, and write about my feelings in a soft, leather notebook

Who gives love to my two dogs, Abby a 7 year old border collie mix and Josch an 11 year old German short hair, my comfortable bed, and only cat, Birk (102 cat years)

Who fears death, weakness, and small, tight spaces

Who would like to see myself riding when I get older, being strong, and becoming an independent person

Who enjoys playing my acoustic guitar (sometimes), Hanging out with friends and watching comedy movies

Who likes to wear warm knit sweaters in colder seasons, flip flops until toes freeze, and jeans

Born in Bridgeport, CT and resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Maye

  1. Dear Maye,

    I loved your piece! One thing I think you did a great job on was describing things in your poem. I also liked how you mentioned your pets names, that added to the realism of you poetry. It allowed me to even visual in my head of what they might look like. Awesome job!

    -Ashley Salvatore

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