Bio-Poem: Mia


Mindful, kindhearted, peaceful, honest

Daughter of Charlie and Noreen, sister of Emily

Lover of discovery, family, and the fun adventures of life

Who feels thankful for her family, the opportunities every day, and the beauty of the world that’s all around her

Who finds happiness in her favorite foods, in creating fun crafts, and seeing smiles everywhere

Who needs her family to love and support her, to understand the world, and practice her violin more

Who gives help to those in need, love to her family, and time for school work

Who fears falling from heights, not knowing what will happen next, and being alone

Who would like to see wildlife in her backyard, different places around the world, and wild animals of the deep sea

Who enjoys playing violin, trying new things, and trying to play the keyboard

Who likes to wear casual and comfortable tops, sneakers with a good grip, and soft legging like jeans

Born in Sichuan, China, resident of Easton


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3 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Mia

  1. This is a really good piece. I especially like the part about needing family, understanding of the world, and violin practice. It really shows who you are as a person and your character, in only 18 words. That’s a great skill to have in writing (specifically for poems).

  2. I really loved your piece, thanks for sharing the thoughts on paper. I really do enjoy the line where you say… “creating FUN crafts!” I already know that you love making crafts but it was great to here once more. To think about, maybe for, understanding the world could you explain this? What would you like to explore? Does this connect back to anything? In the future this may help with personal narratives!

    your friend,
    Elisabeth Berg

  3. Mia,

    I really like your Bio-Poem. I think it’s really cool that you were born in China! I never knew that about you. I thought that you did a really good job describing things like, ” sneakers with a good grip”. I think it shows more about you then just saying sneakers. I think it’s really important to have sturdy sneakers. I also like the line with, ” seeing smiles everywhere”. I think it really shows that you like people around you to be happy. I totally agree with that. In my opinion, it can be really heart-breaking when certain people are sad.

    Amber Borofsky

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