Bio-Poem: Nicole


Kind, Honest, Humble, Complicated

Daughter of Laurel and William, sister of Vivian and Max

Lover of dogs, cats, and tea

Who feels thankful for family, a home, and friends

Who finds happiness when playing with her dogs (Tucker and Dolly), when hanging out with friends, and going outside

Who needs to get up early every morning, multicolored pens for all her classes, and to do all her homework before dinner

Who gives too much attention to her rabbit, Ruby, advice to her friends, and help to her little brother

Who fears spiders, failure, and snakes

Who would like to see all stray animals find a home, herself succeed, herself be able to speak spanish

Who enjoys playing the violin, hanging out with friends, and drawing

Who likes to wear jeans, sweaters, and leggings

Born in New Haven, CT, resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Nicole

  1. Nicole,

    I really enjoyed reading your bio-poem! I like how the tone of it was very upbeat and focused on all of the things you love. Reading about your dogs, Tucker and Dolly, your rabbit, Ruby, and the other animals you have made me want to spend time with them as well. I also liked that you kept it simple when you wrote about what you’re thankful for. Sometimes I think being simple in your writing can be more effective than using tons of detail. However, I think you could make your poem even better by describing what specifically you like to do outside and what you do when you hang out with your friends. I can tell that you put a lot of hard work into writing this, and it definitely shows.


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