Bio-Poem: Paul


Profound, Humble, Generous Outgoing

Son of Tommy and Lee, brother of Alli and Lexi

Lover of soccer, his friends, and summer vacation

Who feels thankful for his good health, his loving parents, and medium rare cheese burgers

Who finds happiness when out on the soccer field on a cool Sunday morning, in his two cats,

Paws and Bijou, and when he smells the ocean breeze

Who needs to feed his cat three times a day, to see his family in Ireland, and to watch all of

the New York Jets games on TV

Who gives help to his siblings, love and patience to his parents, and a lot of time into his


Who fears spiders, horror movies, and being stranded all alone in with nothing and nobody

Who would like to see the Jets win a superbowl, more good things being done for the less

fortunate, and the movie Spider Man: Homecoming

Who enjoys playing golf every Saturday, going to the beach to swim in the ocean, and watching a good movie with some popcorn

Who likes to wear fluffy pajamas when going to bed, his orange and green Nike soccer cleats every Sunday, and socks and sandals when going for a quick car ride

Born in Co. Galway, Ireland, Resident of Easton


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