Bio-Poem: Peter


Honest, self-sufficient, knowledgeable, selfless

Son of Anthony and Janine, brother of Andrew

Lover of life, family, and America’s pastime; baseball

Who feels thankful for the life he was given, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, and blessed for his friends and family

Who finds happiness when playing baseball, when overcoming an obstacle, and when having fun with his closest friends

Who needs to have a goal, to include physical fitness in life to stay fit, and some alone time to reflect

Who gives his time and support to others, 110% effort in school and sports,

and back to his community

Who fears for the world’s current struggles, the loss of close ones, and

being stranded on an island alone

Who would like to see an MLB game at each stadium in the U.S., his family in Italy, and David Ortiz

Who enjoys the saxophone (especially tenor and soprano), a gentle summer breeze

during a baseball game, and creating memories with his friends and family

Who likes to wear a variety of khakis shorts, the number 42 on back of every baseball jersey, and crazy, neon colored basketball shoes

Born in Bridgeport C.T., resident of Easton


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