Bio Poem: Reed


Loving, conscientious, humorous, honest

Son of Seth and Larisa, brother of Miah

Lover of knowledge, music, and the coldness on his face while he skis down the slopes

Who feels thankful for his family, his education, and his house

Who finds happiness in the laugh of his friends, skiing, and hanging out with his family

Who needs to have a purpose, to laugh, and to spend some time alone

Who gives back to the community, love to his family, and food to his 6-year-old dog, Snowball

Who fears spiders, getting hurt, and high school

Who would like to see the world become a better place, his dad sell most of his dust antiques, and the younger grades enjoy his seventh grade ELF project

Who enjoys playing music on his piano and saxophone, running, and skiing down Stratton Mountain in the cold winter season

Who likes to wear soft Vineyard Vines shirts, snug sweatshirts, and khakis to complement his shirts

Born in Bridgeport CT, resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio Poem: Reed

  1. Reed,

    Thank you for sharing your bio-poem with me and the rest of the 8th grade. I really liked the line in your poem where you said “and the coldness on his face while he skis down the slopes.” I thought that line was very descriptive and interesting. Thank you for sharing!

    Your friend,

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