Bio-Poem: Samuel


Resilient, clever, relaxed, persistent

Son of Paul and Tracie, brother of Noah and Eli

Lover of his dogs, Tucker and Molly, sleeping in, and his Xboxone which he plays his favorite game destiny on

Who feels thankful to have a loving family, TV, and weekends

Who finds happiness through walking his dogs, making people laugh, and being with his friends

Who needs to be woken up every morning, his Beats to keep of the sound from his annoying brothers, and sleep

Who gives his time towards entertaining his 6 year old brother, Eli, his other brother advice on surviving 6th grade, and thanks for the things he has

Who fears bugs (mostly bees), heights, and tire swings (long story)

Who would like to see good grades on his report card, a perfect, one-handed faro shuffle in person, and a dog even cuter than his

Who enjoys performing magic, walking his dogs, and listening to music

Who likes to wear, single-colored plain tee/polo shirts, his bold, silver tie which he wears to events and parties/Bar Mitzvahs, and visors

Born in Clearwater, Florida, resident of Easton


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About Sammy

Alright guys it's my Minecraft parody it's called Mine Oddity Oddidy * Clears Minecrafter Throat * i'm going to sing it 'Cause i wrote it in Notepad Please leave a like and have no hate because I - I'm - I'm just i'm just practicing singing Diamond Sword to Major Steve Diamond Sword to Major Steve Take your speed potion and put your diamond helmet on Diamond Sword to Major Steve Closing my Minecraft doors chests are empty. Check your pickaxe, and may Notch love be with you *wierd whisper* (transition)? This is Diamond Sword to Major Steve You're gonna find diamonds And the creepers wanna know if you have much armor Now it's time to dig straight down if you dare! This is Major Steve to Diamond Pickaxe I'm mining some obsidian And it's taking very long, why does it have to? And tonight lapis doesn't look like diamonds! From here I have 16 torches left Noo more coal! The mines are getting darker and there's nothing I can do... (Instrumental) Though I've mined almost 100 diamonds, I'm getting very low on health And I think my diamond pickaxe is about to break! Please tell Notch I love him very much. He knows! Diamond Sword to Major Steve Your sword just broke, there's creepers near! Can I fight 'till I decease? (x3) Can I fight all these creepers here's a way out I see some grass The mine is getting lighter, and I'm almost getting through. (It's a good song)

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