Bio-Poem: Stella


Positive, creative, persistent, friendly

Daughter of Erika and Jason, sister of Damien

Lover of friends, laughter, and sushi

Who feels thankful for family, food, and modern technology

Who finds happiness in baking, seeing her cousins, and sleeping past her alarm

Who needs people to talk to, her glasses, and Newman’s Own Orange Mango Tango Juice

Who gives her best work, smiles, lots of desserts to her family and close friends

Who fears spiders, snakes, and weird bugs

Who would like to see her cousin Cole (age 2) grow up, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and every Disney park in the world

Who enjoys spending time with her friends, petting dogs, and eating chips and salsa

Who likes to wear soft shirts,  comfortable sweatpants, and her hair in a messy bun

Born in Norwalk, CT, resident of Easton


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