Bio Poem: Syrine


Curious, independent, weird, nice

Daughter of Stephane and Noelle, sister of Sassya

Lover of animals, family and horse back riding

Who feels thankful for her pets, Jaya, Diamond, Harmonia, and Kurly, for her family and her friends

Who finds happiness in doing gymnastics, using her phone, and sleeping

Who needs dogs in her life, shopping every now and then, and to have fun

Who gives food to birds, love to her pets, Jaya, Diamond, Harmonia and Kurly and too much time on Netflix

Who fears spiders, heights, and sharks

Who enjoys laughing, playing with her dogs, and watching Netflix

Who likes to wear comfortable clothe, pajamas the whole week-end, and her favorite Nike

Born in Meulan, France, resident of Easton



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4 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Syrine

  1. I really liked when you said that you care for animals because to me that means that you care for the environment. I think that it is pretty neat to know two different languages and know how to speak them fluently. The only thing I see is that there are a few spelling errors, but other than that I think this was well written.

  2. Dear Syrine,

    I really like your bio-poem because I think we share a lot of favorite things to do, and I also think it is really fascinating how you were born in France! Anyway, I think you did an awesome job!


  3. Hi, my name is Dalia, I’m from Houston Texas. I found you’re poem intriguing and I think it’s awesome you’re from France! I can also relate on spending too much time on Netflix.

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