Bio-Poem: Tessa


Dedicated, tenacious, devoted, diligent

Daughter of Robin and John, sister of John, Alexa, and Drew

Lover of competitive swimming and training, pop punk music, and going to every home game of  

The New York Giants with her father and brothers

Who feels thankful for a pool and gym to train in, the food on her table along with the roof above her head, and the opportunity to receive an amazing education

Who finds happiness in seeing other band members, the awareness of success, and the feeling of cold water slapping against her burning hot cheeks after a hard practice

Who needs motivation, music to calm her down, and caring best friends

Who gives her days and nights to training, all of her effort to doing the best she possibly can in school, and too much time trapped in her head and thinking too much.

Who fears death, the future, and never having the ability to be happy or confident

Who would like to see herself being successful and to find worth, for loved ones to be happy, and to always be good enough

Who enjoys working out and the burning feeling in her muscles, knowing she has worked herself to the breaking point, knowing that her hard work and dedication has paid off, along with making herself and others proud of her

Who likes to wear dark shirts with slits in the shoulders or back, Giants jerseys, and most importantly, her Speedo LZR Racer Elite for championships (Preferably with the left leg colored turquoise)

Born in Bridgeport, raised in Easton CT


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Tessa

  1. Tessa,

    I really liked your piece, but one line that stood out to me was when you described how you enjoy the feeling of cold water after a hard practice. You worded it perfectly and it gives a little inside about who you are, in this case, you are a swimmer. I think you did a good job of elaborating each point; someone reading this could definitely get a great understanding about who you are. Thanks for sharing.


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