Bio-Poem: Thomas


Fun, Kind, Honest, Athletic

Son of Thomas and Daniel. Brother of Gabby 23, Andrew 11, Avery 12.

Lover of sports, gaming, and the outside.

Who feels thankful for family, where i lives, and my education.

Who finds happiness in playing with friends, having fun, and playing sports.

Who needs a sport to play, a TV to watch football and, video games.

Who gives laughs to friends, fun and, good times.

Who fears heights, spiders, and dying without leaving a mark on the world.

Who would like to see my little brother grow up happy, and my sister grow up healthy, and for the patriots to win another super-bowl.

Who enjoys sports, games, and magic tricks.

Who likes to wear soft tee shirts, shorts, and Nike shoes.

Born in long island,NY, resident of Easton, CT


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Thomas

  1. I love how you put your brother and sisters ages on there so we know how old they are. Also talk more about what you like to do.

    From kendall

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