Bio Poem: Trajan


Trustworthy, Funny, Lackadaisical, prepared

Son of Lisa and Patrick, brother of Duncan and Max

Lover of sleep, travel, and cats

Who feels thankful for weekends, when my brothers are quiet, and my amazing grandmas coming to visit

Who finds happiness in reading, playing my dog, Packard, and snow days

Who needs 3 reminders to wake up before he can actually wake up, a shower in the morning and food

Who gives not enough time to homework, too much time getting sidetracked, and love to his family

Who fears spiders, creepy dolls, and a long fall

Who would like to see a snowy Christmas break, a brother named Max that would be less annoying, and my dog, Packard, to recover from his surgery
Who enjoys playing piano, sunny afternoons after school, and bike rides around a nice neighborhood

Who likes to wear pajamas around the house, comfortable shorts to school, and comfortable tennis shoes

Born in Canberra, Australia, resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Trajan

  1. I thought it was funny that you wrote “who needs three reminders to wake up in the morning”. I think this poem is very interesting with hints of appropriate humor. Thanks for sharing your writing.

  2. Hey Trajan,

    Thanks for sharing your work with me and the rest of the students in 8th grade. I really like the line where you said, “who needs 3 reminders to wake up before he can actually wake up.” I liked this line because I feel that it is very relatable and and descriptive.

    Your Friend,


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