Bio-Poem: Tyler


Institutive, smart, caring, musical

Son of Bradd and Susan, brother of Alex

Lover of trumpets, pens, Summer, and animals

Who feels thankful for his family, his education, and the friends he has

Who finds happiness in the music he creates, the soft fur of his dog, Skye, and the sound of leaves and small sticks crunching beneath his feet

Who needs a structured layout when trying to accomplish something, a good breakfast, and to be licked by his cat, Simba, when he gets home from school

Who gives knowledge to others, help to people in need, and too much time to his trumpet

Who fears all vans, hornets, and plane crashes

Who would like to see all animals in a caring home, another total solar eclipse, and the great coral reef

Who enjoys playing trumpet and piano, designing and building things, and watching fires in the pit he built at night

Who likes to wear old, fleece pajamas at home, khaki shorts when out, and some sort of music related shirt all the time

Born in Stamford, Connecticut, resident of Easton


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