Faithful,Simpleton,Trusty, Adventurous

Daughter of Barbara and David,sister to John and Matthew

Lover of Mexican food, the crisp pine air and joyful spirit that rolls around when the holidays come, and of course her family and friends.

Who feels thankful for her good education, a good mindset, and feels blessed to be alive

Who finds happiness in her 3 dogs Ginger,Bruce and Sage, when her mom calls her for dinner and the feeling of flipping her pillow over to the cool side

Who needs to be occupied most of the time, a fulfilling breakfast to last her till lunch and needs to be surrounded with people that make her happy

Who gives time to her thoughts and decisions,help and support to friends and family and  probably too much time to watching TV

Who fears bugs, death and creepy strangers

Who would like to see herself with a career, traveling the world and simply enjoying her life

Who enjoys the thrill of a rollar coasters drops and loops,the feeling of coming home after a long day and putting on comfy clothing and dancing

Who likes to wear jeans and a nice shirt to school, sweatpants and a tshirt at home, and often pairs it with a pair of black sneakers

Born In Bridgeport CT, resident of Easton


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3 thoughts on “Bio-Poem:Ava

  1. Ava,
    I loved your piece girl! I loved the way you described things, “the crisp pine air”. It’s a good line because people will really know what you’re talking about. think you did a great job on this piece.
    Keely :))

  2. Ava,

    I really liked words you decide to choose they are very good words that discribe you. I wouldn’t of been able to think of any better words to discribe you. Also I liked how you mentioned your dogs Sage, Bruce, and Ginger

  3. Dear Ava,

    I love your poem! My favorite part was when you included “joyful spirits roll around when the holidays come.” It helped me visualize the holidays and everyone in the holiday spirit. I really liked your description and details! You did a great job overall!


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