Underestimated, determined, passionate,willing

Daughter of Melissa and Albert, sister of Amelia

Lover of people, the arts, and ice cream

Who feels thankful for ideas, education, and life

Who finds happiness in dance, her friends, and organizing her room

Who needs answers, stress, and having her voice heard

Who gives advice to her little sister, encouragement to her friends, and love to her old cat, Max

Who fears death, the unknown mysteries that the world holds, and throwing up

Who would like to see Earth from space, Antarctica, and the future

Who enjoys her hectic life, television, and spending time with her crazy friends and her family

Who Likes to wear tights, a leotard, and her hair pulled back in tight bun while at dance, loose sweatpants and sweatshirts at home, and wear her black leggings and black or white converse when at school

Born in Milford ,C.T., 


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem:Chelsea.C.

  1. Chelsea,
    I love your poem and enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed the whole poem, but I especially liked the line when you said you would like to see earth from space. As your friend I know that is very important to you and that is somthing you can really build off of with your writing in the future. I also liked how open you were when you said things like heactic life and unknown mysteries of the world. You really opened up a window for the readers to connect with your work, I know I could.

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