Vigorous, fierce, caring, gutsy

Son of Aj and Heather, brother of Hailey and Hope

Lover of baseball, family, and skiing

Who feels thankful for his friends, his sports coaches, and his parents

Who finds happiness through his friends, road trips with my dad to see my cousins in Ohio, and sports

Who needs to be moving, motivation to move forward, and satisfy his administrators

Who gives love to his six month old golden doodle dog Winnie, satisfaction to his baseball coaches, and joy to my parents

Who fears not showing my full potential, the bad side of my father, and nights home alone

Who would like to see himself play baseball in college, his younger sister (Hope) grow everyday, and succeed in school

Who enjoys playing sports, being outside, and being active at all times

Who likes to wear gym shorts, his baseball uniform, and his red and green jordans

Born in Shelton, C.T, resident of Easton, C.T


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