Limitless, Intelligent, Excellent and Admirable

Son of James, Brother of Bianca

Lover of TOP, Family and Animals

Who feels thankful for Life, Every passing day, happiness and Joy          

Who finds happiness in my friends, family, nature and family

Who need a new video game every month, a purpose and family

Who fears chickens, smartboards and responsibility

Who would like to see his Lr’s get promoted, children of his own and for him and his children to live a happy life

Who enjoys gaming, learning and eating

Who likes to wear long shorts, silk shirts and shirts that represent his favorite sports teams

Born in Canada Resident of Easton



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5 thoughts on “Bio-Poem:Vinny

  1. Nice job Vinny! I loved the part describing how your afraid of Chickens and responsibility, it was hilarious. Something that would make this even better is if you went back and fixed some of the grammar like line 6 where you said family twice. Well done and keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Vinny,

    I thought your bio-poem was great. I love your word choice of limitless, and excellent in the beginning because it shows that you are a very well rounded, sophisticated person. I also like the choices you made for being thankful because somebody who feels thankful for being happy and being able to enjoy life is very wise.

    -Jackson Caylor

  3. Great job! I love your “who feels thankful for” line because it was very meaningful and said lots about you. One thing I would fix is capitalization because some items were capitalized in places that others weren’t. Remember to stay consistent! But over all GREAT job!

  4. I really liked reading your poem. I liked when you said “Lover of TOP, Family and Animals”. I liked this sentence because we all can relate to it we all love are families. But one thing that you can fix is the comma that you need to put in between “family, and”. On line #8 “Who fears chickens, smartboards and responsibility”. Put a comma smartboard, and .But great job on your poem and keep trying your best.

  5. Hey Vinny! I really enjoyed your post , especially when you mentioned that you need a new video game every month. That reminded me of myself , because I have a passion of video games and would like to try many new kinds of games.

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