Daily Archives: September 7, 2017

Bio-Poem Weston

Weston Innovative, self-motivated, humorous, intelligent Son of Robert and Michele, brother of Sydney Lover of his wonderful family, sports, and the atmosphere of Fall in Easton Who feels thankful for his beautiful town, his gift of life, and being able to sleep under a roof every night Who finds happiness in 80’s music, relaxing on … Continue reading Bio-Poem Weston

Bio-Poem: Jalen

Jalen Bright, imaginative, humerous, and bookish Son of Jennifer and Sydney, brother of Jemma and Julia Lover of a good book, the theatre, and the blissful silence of a weekend afternoon Who feels thankful for life, the internet, and the joyous memories of family gatherings Who finds happiness spending time with friends, swimming in his … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Jalen