Bio-Poem: Elisabeth

Bio-Poem: Elisabeth Berg


Optimistic, devoted, fluid, whimsical

Daughter of Sam and Jennifer, sister of Jonathan (age 7) and Jeffrey (age 10)

Lover of her 7-year-old cat, Haskell, a long haired tabby cat, the sweet gurgle of her grandmother’s stream, and her time with family

Who feels thankful for a reflecting god, quite, warm nights, and for being able to live this life

Who finds happiness in the smile of her mother, the smell of her grandmother, and the imagination in reading and dreams

Who needs a soft, warm kitty by her side, peaceful time alone with her thoughts, and peaceful love from the world and family

Who gives reassurance in the times of hardship, love and kindness to everyone, and some comedy here and there

Who fears death of others, the Demogorgon, and being cut off from others

Who would like to see world peace, no more global warming, and everyone like one big family

Who enjoys her sweet cat Haskell, watching movies with her family together, and her new and fun friends

Who likes to wear, non-dressy clothes and soft, worn down shirts, necklaces that you don’t find anywhere else, and her muddy uggs and chacos

Born in Danbury, C.T., resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Elisabeth

  1. Elisabeth,
    I love your poem! It was put together very nicely. I like the line where you find happiness in the imagination of reading of dreams. I like it because I can relate to it, as well as many others (especially with the reading for me). Think about how you could add some more detail and description to the things you describe. For example when you watch movies with your family what type are they? Is the smell of your grandmother sweet? What kind of thoughts do you have? Are they crazy, silly, calm, peaceful, etc. ? Just adding more description and detail to those things, and more will help the reader better understand you. If you keep remembering to add these details you’ll see the reader just being sucked into a whole different world!
    Mia Larkin

  2. Elisabeth! I liked reading your poem. I especially like the lines where you write, “who needs a soft warm kitty by her side” and “Who would like to see world peace, no more global warming, and everyone like one big family”. These lines really describe how you are a peaceful, kind and caring girl who wants everything to be positive and happy! You used detail to show your personalities, and you did a great job. Keep up the great writing!
    – Elizabeth

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