Bio-Poem: Isabel P.


Kind, Inquisitive, Trustworthy, Friendly

Daughter of Emily and Pete, Sister of Elena and Sophia

Lover of music, my family, and traveling around the world to see the places i’ve never seen

Who feels thankful for living in a house that I love, two parents who love me unconditionally, and having

People in the my life who I can totally and completely trust

Who finds happiness in driving with my sisters while listening to music, playing with my two yellow labs,

Sadie 4 years old, and Leo 11 weeks old, and being in New York City walking around the east side (the

Place I know best)

Who needs a cup of tea after dinner, to go to the serene and communal Basin Harbor Club in Vermont for

my family’s essential summer trip, and my friends who keep me laughing and smiling through everyday

Who gives support and love to all of my friends and family, advice to everyone who needs it, and walks

for my lab, Sadie, on our regular walk down our quiet, humble road

Who fears Bees, Wasps, and loosing my family

Who would like to see my favorite bands in concert one day, myself living on the east side someday in the

Future, and seeing my sisters whenever I can as they start their lives away from home (I will miss them


Who enjoys singing, laughing, and playing ping pong on our partially retired ping pong table

Who likes to wear, my jean jacket, my sneakers that I love to collect, and my rings (each one has a special

story) basically anything that makes me comfortable

Born in New York City, N.Y.,  Resident of Easton, CT


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Isabel P.

  1. I really loved this poem. for some odd reason I love how you mention having tea every night after dinner. It brings a slight warmth to the story. It was amazing poem.


  2. isabel, I loved the poem and how descriptive you were. I especially liked it when you said that you knew the east side of New York the best because i think that that is something you can expand on and that it can be used to give us more info about you. Such as, how do you know it so well?, or did you ever live there?

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