Bio-Poem: Katherine


Amiable, hardworking, patient, outgoing

Daughter of Mary and Joe, sister of Matthew

Lover of friends, ballet, and food

Who feels thankful for the great home she’d been raised in, the people around her that give her love and support, and all of the opportunities she’s been given

Who finds happiness dancing, spending time with those she loves, and her 5-year-old dog, Maggie,

Who needs her refreshing, peach iced tea to get through a long day, her loving family, and a good book

Who gives her time into being her best self (in dance, school, and her home), her effort into her school work and hobbies, and her friendship to all

Who fears bees, vomit, and change

Who would like to see everyone being nice to one another, a happy family she raised, and parts of the world she’s never been

Who enjoys dancing (at RDC, her second home and favorite place in the world), watching Friends, and reading a good book

Who likes to wear her old, raggedy, white converse high tops, silver hoop earrings, and a small butterfly-style hair clip to maintain her giant, curly hair

Born in San Francisco, resident of Easton, CT

St. Jean

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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Katherine

  1. I really liked that you included the peach iced tea because its very descriptive, its also really cool how you talked about your hair because that’s something I didn’t know at all. Very nice job.

  2. This post is elegant piece of work. I love how you explain yourself in certain manner that makes the reader think of themselves. Amazing effort was put into this piece. I can tell. Keep writing, I will be waiting for more.

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