Letter Essay #2 Michael Liu

I recently read the book Infinity: Chronicles of Nick.  A 464 page horror fiction book.  It is about a kid called Nick who discovers that the human world is just a cover for a world of demons and other horrors of the night.


Nick’s mom dropped out of school to take care of him and works in a nightclub.  They live in a small three room condo in a old rundown house.  Nick gets his cloths from a Goodwill store and is picked on at school.  His dad is in jail, he lives with his mom, and they are poor.  He helps with a mugging before he stops and helps the people being mugged and gets shot in the shoulder and when the person holding the gun misses his head.  He is sent to the hospital and when he wakes up he says that his mom couldn’t pay the bills and they didn’t accept charity to the person who saved him.


Nick has many adventures and learns that he has powers that he never dreamt of having.  He first has to learn 9 lessons.  The first is necromancy, also known as reanimating and controlling the dead.  Each lesson will make try to make him evil so that he would kill and destroy an entire race and reality.  Is Nick strong enough to resist the pull of evil?  Will he destroy the universe  or will he protect it?


Read the book to find out what will happen next.  Will Nick be evil or will he be good.  Only time will tell.  I hope you read this book and I hope to write about another one soon.


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17 thoughts on “Letter Essay #2 Michael Liu

  1. Hi Michael, I loved your letter essay on the book, Infinities, Chronicles of Nick. Your summary was very good and understandable. One thing, that I think could be worked on is using quotes in your letter essay so we can better understand what you are telling us. Good job Michael and keep up the good work.

  2. I really like how you added the characters background story. This helped me have an understanding of the character and his family. You have great description. Great job!

  3. Sounds like a very interesting book, I think that the only thing you should do is go back and check on grammar and spelling, you can definitely improve this because its not a big issue. Otherwise, this is a nicely written letter essay good job.

  4. I think that your letter essay is really focused on plot and I like how it includes a questioning aspect at the end with “Will he destroy the universe or protect it?” I think that this adds to the whole essay and really brings in reader connection. Also, I think you need more details and explanation, add more to your work. I don’t think there is enough of it. Because if you cut and pasted this out onto your reading journal it would be very short probably one page. So I think that would be something you need to work on.

  5. Dear Michael,

    Great job on your letter essay. I appreciate how you tried to set it up so that the person reading your essay would want to read the book, however, i feel that you didn’t describe the book enough and didn’t add your own thinking, leaving it to be much more like a summary of the book than a letter essay.

    Good job,

    Isabel Petron

  6. Hey Michael!
    This looks like a very good book. My only suggestion is that you re-read this and correct a couple run-on sentences. Other than that, you gave a lot of good information and I especially liked how you added questions, making the reader think. Good job!

  7. You made the book seem vary deep and interesting. You might want to rate the book on a scale of 1-10. Your refection dose need work. You did a good job on this essay. Add more details in the intro and refection.

  8. Dear Micheal,
    I really liked the summary that you wrote about the story. I felt like I could really connect with Nick, even though I didn’t read the book. Great job explaining the book!
    Marissa Schrade

  9. hi Michael
    i like how the book is about horror fiction. So u have a little amount of run on sentences.You might need to make your relation more stronger.i also like how there is alots of action in the horror book.

  10. Hi Micheal,

    I liked your letter essay on the Infinities Chronicles of Nick. I really liked your entire summary of the novel itself and how Nick has his own powers and how he has to learn 9 new lessons. I even see that at the end of your letter essay you leave the conclusion on a cliff hanger and you make everyone else want to read the novel of horror fiction.

  11. Dear Micheal,
    This book you wrote about must be a really good book. You had so much detail in it but I noticed you have a few run-on’s in you letter essay. But I liked how you added questions. It makes us readers think while we read. Great Job!

  12. Hey Micheal!

    Ima start by stating that I read your whole essay as it kept me interested throughout the whole thing. I thing you should write more often, also i loved the part where you said the books main theme was how Nick found out that the world was just a cover for the haunted world of demons. All in all I thought it was really good!

  13. Hey Michael,
    Your letter essay was good it could have been better if you could have maybe described him as a character because all i know that he is poor and cant afford things. Also i want to now your opinion about the book and haw it was.

  14. Dear Michael,
    This book seems very interesting and I am going to try and read it. you did a good job on giving a summary of the book, but it would be a good idea to check your grammar after you finish writing. Other than that, it was a great essay.

    Sincerely, John Wojenski

  15. Dear Michael,
    This book looks fantastic, and I would love to read it soon. I especially liked how you ended your letter essay on a sort of cliff hanger. Fantastic!

  16. Dear Michael,
    This book seems really fun to read. I like how you summarized the book because it helped me understand it. Next time include some quotes, to support your thinking. But, even so great writing. Thanks for posting to the blog.


  17. Dear Michael,
    Thanks for posting your letter essay onto the blog so that everyone can see it. It is very well written with short, concise sentences that get straight to the point while still conveying essential information. I especially like your summary because I feel you accurately transferred the feeling of dread for Nick that the author was definitely trying to give you. One thing that could’ve helped with your explanations is quotes and anecdotes from the book to give us a better idea of your text. Thanks for writing!


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