Leter essay #3 : Claire Bernard Counting by 7s

Counting by 7s

Dear, BlogBernard

I read a book counting by 7s the author  who wrote this book in Holly Goldberg sloan. This book counting by 7s i read had a lot of detail and description. You can tell Holly goldberg put a lot of effort towards writing this book. The book counting by 7s has 380 page too it and I think  this book will help me with my goal of 5,000 pages because it will get me closer to my goal then i can move my goal to maybe 8,000. Okay back to the book The reason the book is called  counting by seven because everything happened on the seventh day on the seventh week everything happens to her also there are seven different things she likes to do number one friendships number two eyeballs number three hobby number for laughing and crying number five families number six Willow changes number seven school. In the book how do you buy seven the character goes through a lot the book goes back-and-forth between the two different main characters each chapter of the book is told from a different character in the story overall it’s a little hard to understand you have to get used to it because each time you read there might be something new something different because it’s a new character  over all the book has a very good description of each character and explained a lot of good detail about what’s happening throughout the store when you get used to the character changes each chapter. The reason why I chose read this book is because I have never read this book before number one and also I needed a good long to do my third letter essay on and something what can make me move faster to make my go higher and make 8000‘s I think in the middle of the second trimester I will be through 5000 pages so I think I’m going to move it up sooner or later. Overall I give this book a six out of 10 it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read it was good and had go to details and description and you couldn’t understand what was happening but it wasn’t that interesting the characters were changing a lot and you had to figure out yourself who was the main character in what part and it needed some more description I feel like but I think also the author put a lot of effort sure it’s making a spot it was good but not the best it could’ve been. This book is a nonfiction book.” The ability to keep your mouth shut in usually a sign of intelligence” when people keep their mouth shut that’s not always the good thing though that’s what I think because people always need a way to speak out loud and tell every other person what they’re thinking not just what other people are telling them to do or what they’re listening to. I love this quote because it shows how other people you don’t need everyone to be quiet for someone to be a great learner or someone who’s good at school or just good at what they’re known for. Overall I really like the book counting by sevens it had great explanation of details and what is happening in the butt I would recommend someone to read this book because they’re this book teaches you how to wear and what other people have to say not just listen to yourself this is why I like the book counting by seven.


Thank you,


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1 thought on “Leter essay #3 : Claire Bernard Counting by 7s

  1. Dear Claire,

    First off, I am delighted that I saw your posts because I have been debating myself, whether to read Counting By 7’s and I needed a review to help make my decision. One thing I really enjoyed about your 3rd Letter Essay is that you explained how the number of pages in the book affects your reading goal. One critic I have is to double check your spelling and grammar. Other than that I thought you wrote a great letter essay!


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