Letter Essay #3 – Sophia Jortner (A court of thorns and roses)

Letter essay #3    

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Sophia Jortner

Recently, I finished reading A Court of Thorns and Roses, a 416 page novel by Sarah J. Mass who is a New York Native, a New York Times Best selling Author, and is currently living in Pennsylvania with her husband and her dog. Although it hasn’t won any awards, it has sold over 1,000’s of copies worldwide! Although, as a fantasy lover this type of fantasy i wouldn’t normally pick out but it seemed so interesting and I couldn’t resist reading it. The reason why I read this book is because on the front cover it showed half of a girl with a forest. Automatically this interested me. At first I didn’t really think it was going to be a good fantasy novel but it slowely got more creative and imaginative. At some points of the book it kind of settled down then got more intense and more unpredictable. And the book had so much imagination and Feyre was so open and kind hearted to everyone. When I finished this book I had so many thoughts that I had to figure out at the end because it was such a good ending unlike many books that I have read in the past.


In the novel, Feyre is a young girl who is capable of anything but unable to due to her mothers death and the promise she had made to take care of her families even tough she is the youngest child. Meanwhile, her dad is now handicaped and her two sisters Nesta and Elain are greedy and want nothing more than the newest clothe for themselves. But, everything quickly changed when Feyre went hunting in the woods during the winter. As trouble comes through their little families house Feyre is forced to make a life-and-death decision. Then, now realizing that she had done something bad she is forced to go across the gate to an immortal world, where danger is lurking around every corner. Then, finding what she thinks is her true loves suddenly becomes in a sitiuation where he is in trouble she is sent away and the now in a situation where she can either forget about the world she has now started and got back to her odl boring life that she used to live in, or go back and save her “true love”. And now once she arrives to save her “true love” she is now faced with tasks that could determine whete=her she is dead or alive.


The climax of the plot, was a very big plot because the characters in the story (Feyre, Tamlin, Lucien,) were very close and in deep trouble. It was so interesting to see Feyre and Tamlin’s love evolve and for the plot to thicken at the same time.  I thought that the part was one of the best parts.

I like the way that the author made each characters personality and characteristics show a lot. It showed how Feyre, a kind, loving, and hardworking person she was and how much she did for the ones she loved.  It showed how Tamlin was a strong, smart, and cunning man and also as welll go beyond what he is capable of doing for the ones he loved. It also showed how the Lucienwas and how he always believed that nothing was impossible and was laid back and aways knew things would get resolved and most of all believed Feyre and Tamlin every step of the way. He most of all was a person with such good personality traits  and I love how the author showed that.


Finally, I was interested in this passage “I’ve been starving, desperate. Yet afterwards once my family had devoured it, I had crept back into the woods and wept for hours, knowing a line had been crossed, my soul stained. “Say that you don’t love him!” Amarantha shrieked, and the blood on my hands became the blood of the rabbit– became the blood of what I had lost. But I wouldn’t say it. Because loving Tamlin was the only things that I had left, the only thing I couldn’t sacrafice. A path cleared through my red-and-balck vision. I found Tamlin’s eyes– wide as he crawled toward Amarantha, watching me die, and unable to save me while he wound slowly healed, while she still gripped his power. Amarantha had never intended me to live, never intended to let him go.” (pg.401)


What I like about this passage is that it was so original and it tied up the story well, and for me this story, and this passage had such a big impact as a reader. Because the girl who didn’t think that she was capable of such power and strength and it truly was more than a fictional book. Not only did she do what no one thought she coud do, but she believed in herslef and persevered in what was stated impossible for most. I thought that this lesson is very valuable and overall this book is so amazing! I am so happy that I read this book and definetly would rate this book a 9.5/10!!!



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2 thoughts on “Letter Essay #3 – Sophia Jortner (A court of thorns and roses)

  1. Sophia,

    Thank you for sharing you letter-essay with me and everyone else. After I finish the series that I’m working on now which is also by Sarah J. Maas, I am planning to read A Court of Thorns and Roses along with the rest of the series too. I know that there are a couple scenes in this book along with mine that is far too descriptive. Anyways, I thought that your letter-essay was very well written, but you might want to watch for grammar mistakes.

    Your friend,

    Renee Kwok

  2. Sophia,

    Thanks so much for sharing your letter essay with me! I looove this book, its one of my all time favorites (Sarah J Maas is the bessst), and I love how you included a passage that showed Feyre’s strength and emotion tied together and wrapped together. If you liked this book I recommend reading the other two in the series and the Throne of Glass series (Sarah J Maas). There were some parts of your essay where I couldn’t understand because the grammar was a little mixed up so reading it out loud can sometimes help me find all of my grammar mistakes. Overall, great job!

    Allie Schuldt

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