Milo Goldstein Letter Essay #3: Michael Vey 7: the Final Spark



I’ve recently finished reading a 320 page book called Michael Vey 7: the Final Spark. It is really, really new and only came out a couple of days ago. It is the 7th book in a fantasy series (The Michael Vey series). It was written by a new york times best selling author named Richard Paul Evans. I had been first recommended the first book in the series by my friend Peter. He new that I loved books about fantasy and magic. I got hooked on the series and read all six books within a couple of weeks. I really loved the series and have been waiting especially long for this book (about nine months) so I had to read It, to finish what I started.


This book starts off after a war between Tuvaluans, people of a small island-like country, and the Electroclan, a group of kids fighting a big corporation (Some of them have special electric powers, against the Elgen, a world-dominating electricity company. In the war, all Elgen troops at the islands were lost, but many more are coming, for their leader, Dr. Hatch, was never killed. Not to mention, the Electroclan lost their leader Michael Vey, who sacrificed himself to kill the Elgen and save his friends. In this book, the Electroclan, and the Tuvaluans try to defeat the Elgen once and for all. But, the Electroclan is captured by Hatch. Two of the members, Ostin and Jack, manage to escape. They sail to peru to gather more soldiers and devise a plan to save their friends, but they underestimated the elgen. Because too many troops had been sent, and stopped them. Meanwhile Michael is trying to get back to life by using his electricity. BUt, with Jack and Ostin powerless, and the rest of the Electroclan captured, he has to make it in time. For if he doesn’t, everyone will die.


The character development in this story was very good in my opinion. The reason I say this is because the author had so many (15 +) Main characters to think of. Not to mention, he developes each one equally and gives them all small, precise details. For example, on page 42, when Abigail says to Mckenna,”Yeah, but I probably would have asked too, if it had been Jack (Pg. 42).” This was asked after Taylor, another member of the Electroclan, put herself in great pain by making one of the other electric children trick her brain into seeing a real life image of Michael, the love of her life. And, to be honest I thought that Taylor and Michael’s relationship was the only one that strong. BUt, It turns out that Abigail feels that way to. Something readers wouldn’t know until this small part of the book.


I liked the way the author brought Michael back. I like that It was Gradual, and that each character slowly realized it. I was unopened to the Idea that he should be All- powerful at first. I thought that it should have been that he was the same. BUt then I realized that it had to be this way. First off, he came back from the dead.  And, second, the author did a good job incorporating other traits in as well, like him being wiser.for example him saying’ “It’s dark times like these that present us the canvas where we paint our own greatness (Pg. 292).” Finally, It had to be this way, or who else would have defeated Hatch, and how would he have been defeated, especially with his superweapon. But, at the same time I’m not saying that this seemed forced by the author, I now understand why everything happened and really liked it.


I was surprised when the author ended the book with, “It’s not alright to be different, it’s freaking awesome (Pg. 316).” Of course, I don’t just think that this was an awesome way to end the book. NO, I was really surprised because I think that this was a life lesson, too. You do have to put everything in context though, and realize that Michael and his friends are a bunch of made up characters fighting a made up corperation. BUt they, are all kids, and in a way misfits. I think the author is expressing in this part of the book that it’s great to be a misfit, and you should embrace it if you feel that you are one yourself.


In the following scene, Tuvaluans Enele, Zeel, and Nazil are going to sail to an Elgen base to attack them when they are weak. WHen, all of a sudden, enele has a change of heart because He finds out a respected Elder is alive and on a nearby island. Enele wants to consult with him first.


“‘Enele,’ Zeel said. ‘I beg you please reconsider. This change of course could delay us three or four days. Any delay gives the Elgen more time to build up strength. Just a few minutes ago the cooks told us that new Elgen soldiers are arriving on Funafuti everyday. They are growing in strength. Soon our window of advantage will be gone.’

Enele looked disturbed. ‘I know the risk’ he said. ‘This was originally not my plan. But my heart has guided me correctly so far. I feel that this is something we must do.’” (Pg. 64)


I liked this part of the book because of  how the previous character development comes together at this point in the text. For example, earlier in the book, it is explained to the reader that Tuvaluans are very spiritual people and they are respectful to their elders. So, for Enele to make this decision is illogical, but not unexpected. It is very consistent based on previous pages, and I like the consistency the author uses throughout this book especially in this part.


All in all, I would rate this book an 8/10 for it’s great character development and ending.





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6 thoughts on “Milo Goldstein Letter Essay #3: Michael Vey 7: the Final Spark

  1. You did a good job on the essay. You really wanted to read this book. I can tell by the way you wrote the essay and how long you waited for the book to come out.

  2. Howdy Milo

    You did an awesome job with your essay! I like how you explained the book in detail without giving away the ending. I also like how you showed the connection between the two characters

    Happy Reading

    p.s. I’ve been meaning to read the series

  3. Hey Milo,

    I thought that your letter essay was very well-written. I really liked your analysis of the book and I thought the passage you chose fit your earlier explanation of the story. I also liked your use of quotes in the context of the text. I noticed that but was spelled “BUt” and when was “WHen” so just make sure all of your writing is checked over before you submit it. Overall, I thought that your letter essay was great and I learned a lot about the book even though I’ve never read it.

    Jason Viani

  4. Dear Milo,

    *Applauds* Amazing letter, 10/10. I couldn’t possibly agree more about this book. Evans portrayed multiple storylines at once, many perspectives and characters, yet I never seemed to be lost like other books with this type of writing. The way the characters bonded and connected throughout the whole series made it seem almost real. This all happened, of course, because of how well he developed the characters. AND OF COURSE, Michael’s big entrance couldn’t have been more well played-out. I was not expecting what happened, but the build up with everyone talking about “Uira te Atua” (The Lightning God), and how he will come back to help win the war against the evil. He brought him in at the perfect time, and a very cool, calm and collected side of Michael. Not too much action involved for someone who saved the world. He produced such a great series. I am so sad it is over. But great job in your letter essay. Many clear, well-written parts included.


    Peter Martinich

  5. Dear Milo,

    You did an amazing job on this letter essay. I liked how put this all together without giving away some good parts like the ending. You have many well written passages and it also looks like you liked the book you made this letter essay on. I’ve never read this book and it looks like I might look into reading it later in the year.

  6. Good job. I liked when you talked about the passage of text and how what’s-his-face makes a decision supported by things we learn earlier in the text. It shows a thought process connecting parts of the story and how you view every part in relation to other parts.

    I’m not going to lie and say this convinced me to read this book, it sounds a bit too much “all powerful teenagers” for me.

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