Vinny Porcaro Letter-Essay #3: Salt to the Sea

I recently finished the book called Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, this 390 page fictional story follows a group of people affected by the war and their struggles to leave occupied Germany,  This book alternates point of view on the war every 2-3 pages. This is why the book is so interesting to me.One of the many important quotes comes when a man, they call  the shoe poet, says “You can tell everything about a person by what shoes they wear,” He later goes on to describe one of the characters we follow by their shoes adding in,” You come from a wealthy family, but they are old probably given to you by your mother,” (Page 34.)Everything he said was right.

Another important quote comes when a young outlawed German soldier named Florian, find a Polish girl held at gun-point by a Russian Soldier,After he  kills Russian Soldier he gives the girl a Pistol and Says,”this is to defend yourself, now leave.”(Page 72.) yet when she believes she had to use it, she shot another German soldier thinking he was going to attack Florian.
Once our traveling duo get moving they meet another group, they then choose to stick with the group, later in the story. One night, Florian’s and the Polish Girl named Emilia’s first night there a nurse, or a Nurse who used to work in a hospital notices a wound on Florian, a very important quote comes when he says,”If you are going to help me you must wait until everyone else is asleep.”(Page 45 and again on Page 210).  Something that surprised me in the book is the bond that a German soldier and a polish girl have throughout the story, I rate this book 10/10 for adventure and Action and everything in the middle.

In Conclusion this book was an amazing book, I enjoyed reading the book and I am looking forward to reading it again, I enjoy all the characters and their individual personalities and that everyone has their own side and perspective on the war, it also shows how the war changes people. Turning them into something, or making them do something they never thought they could do or never thought they would ever do. We always see this in books. But this book is an all time favorite.



Vinny Porcaro

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6 thoughts on “Vinny Porcaro Letter-Essay #3: Salt to the Sea

  1. Hey Vinny,

    I thought that your letter essay was very well written and really demonstrated your thinking after you read this book. I like how you were easily able to explain the meaning of the text and why you liked it. One thing that you could work on is to maintain the structure of the letter essay with Mr. Jockers’s example. I did not really know much of what you were talking about because you were missing a summary. If your writing had these things, I think that your letter essay would be very very good. I really enjoyed reading your essay!

    Jason Viani

  2. Good job!
    I like how right away you stated what you liked about the book. I also like when books have multiple perspectives. I also found it interesting that you rated this book ten/ten. It must be great. Fantastic!

  3. Dear Vinny,

    You did a really good job on your Letter Essay. What I really liked most was your conclusion because I can tell from that what YOU really liked in the book.

  4. Dear Vinny

    I really like the way you included your background info and info before your quote so then the reader can understand more

  5. Dear Vinny,

    I liked how you gave us a lot of quotes from the book and then after it, you explained what those mean and I also liked how you gave a lot of description of the book without giving it away.

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