Diego Saez’s Letter-Essay #3: Alex Rodriguez,Hot Corner,Hot Shot

Recently I have finished the book Alex Rodriguez,Hot Corner,Hot Shot, a 100 page biography and this book is by Serena Kappes a Senior Editorial Director for Scholastic Parents her book was published on January 30, 2012. I chose to read this book because I know that A-rod retired last year, and I wanted to know more of his childhood and what he experienced as a MLB player and a kid growing up in the Dominican Republic with the passion of baseball.


In the Book Alex Rodriguez Hot Corner, Hot Shoot. The Author Serena  Kappes tells the story of a young A-Rod. He was born on July 27, 1975 in Washington Heights, New York. Both of his parents were from the dominican Republic A-Rod grown up in a Middle Class Family. At two years old Alex was already swinging a red plastic and hitting a rubber ball. When alex was four his family moved to DR and made their life there. After the family was losing money they then moved to Kendall, Florida. There Alex went to a new school where everybody spoke english and he said “ My transition from speaking all spanish in the Dominican Republic to English-based fourth grade proved rockey.”(pg 10) One day when Alex was visiting the park which he usually went to, he saw a team and their catcher couldn’t make the practice and the coach saw him  and said do you want to play with us. Alex replied “Why not”. That coach’s name was Coach Arteaga and he has a son named J.D. Alex and J.D had become Great friends. Over the years Alex Played for Coach Arteaga’s team because he saw what great talent he showed on and off the field. As years past by Alex is now A ninth Grader at Christopher Columbus Catholic High School and a starter on the Varsity team for baseball and basketball. He later then wanted to go to Westminster High School because J.D was there and also he thought it was the right decision to do because his skills were not getting better at Christopher Columbus Catholic High School. There is were he found the path of success to the bigs and to life.


In a lot of ways this book taught me the success of a baseball player and I want to get to the level that he got to. This book taught me about the struggles that other people go through when the move from place to place. Also, how to choose a high School that make me a overall person and that can also improve my skills to the fullest that they can reach. It Also taught me that my school work is important and to get it done because I have the time to do it and that grades and talent can get you really far in life. I Rate this book a 5 because A-Rod was a bad player in some people’s eyes and I personally don’t like some of the decisions he has made but it was good to hear his path to stardom and what he was able to accomplish.


Sincerly ,Diego S

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