Bad Luck


 Bad luck

I woke up with a jolt, Something had turned on the motion detector light. Who was there, I thought to myself. I told myself it was probably just my cat. I went back to sleep, unsure if what I was saying was true. The next time I woke up I heard clicking I went to my phone and checked the time. It was midnight, at this point I was too scared to do anything, but I had to do something. I turned on the lights to see what was making the noise, Once the lights where on I felt safer. As I got out of my bed the noise stopped. I crawled back into my bed trying to go to sleep, probably nothing I told myself, even though I knew I was deceiving myself.


I opened my eyes it seemed to be the morning, I rolled myself over to check the time it was 10:00 AM. Time to get up I guessed, I got myself up and went to my parent’s room to check. Their door was locked, weird I thought I put my ear to the door to try to hear if anyone was inside. I heard my parents talking, I tried my best to hear what they were saying. I just couldn’t hear, so I went downstairs to see if there was anyone else downstairs. While I was on my way downstairs I slipped luckily I was only five steps from the floor so the tumble wasn’t that long. I heard my parents open their door and rush downstairs to see if I was okay. Bad start of the day I thought to myself. I picked myself up and went to make myself breakfast. As I walked into my the kitchen I looked outside of the four window that was there. It was a nice sunny day, a relaxing life in summer not having to worry about deadlines that are due. It turned out that my dad was making my favorite breakfast French toast. As he starts to cook the French toast  I hear that satisfying sizzle, like when you put bacon in hot oil. As I set up the table I hear my mom whispering to my dad what are they talking about I thought. I tried to make no noise as I was putting plates down. I got the gist of their conversation out of their conversation something about going somewhere in an hour. Time do to some questioning, my brother and sister came down for breakfast, late as always. As we were eating I asked my mom if we were going to anywhere today, she said we all are going to go to the grocery to pick up what you guys want. “Uh,” my brother “groaned why do we have to go grocery shopping with you,” “Because I need help, and if you want me to get your snacks and other junk food you have to come with me.” After I had my fill of the delicious French toast. I went to do my chores, halfway through doing them I got lazy of doing them and decided to do more investigation. I went into the living room where my parents were. They were sitting on the couch facing the T.V watching some Bollywood movie. I crept up behind them and sat down right behind them trying to be as quiet as I could. As I was waiting for them to start talking I was thinking of the time when I was playing tennis last summer with my two friends Trajen and Milo. Then I remembered last night I could barely remember what had happened, probably a dream I said. As was trying to remember what had happened in the dream something hit me. I don’t have a cat, as I was trying to figure out if it was really a dream. My mom said, “ do you think we should tell them the surprise once we get there or on the way their?” “On the way” my dad responded. They started to get up and that was my queue to get out of theirs. After that dangerous expedition, i felt great. I got new information, the grocery store is not the intended destination for today. My parents rounded us all up it’s time to go to “the grocery store.” As we got into the car I told my brother and my sister of my findings.

We were discussing where we could be going. As I looked at the GPS we had 15 minutes left before we got their. I started a conversation with my parents trying to get more information from them. I started to talk about my dream I told them everything that happened. My parents seemed to be really interested in the dream which was surprising. I told them how I thought it was a cat that turned on the motion detector light. They started talking to each other I tried to listen but my sister was just making to much noise. As I was talking to my parents we pulled into where the grocery store was. I tried to look at the other shops, GameStop, Petco and a Chinese takeout place we go to. We got out and my dad said to my mom “ Oh forgot to tell them.” Tell us what I asked, “Oh nothing too important, just that we are getting you a cat right now.” What I shouted no way I started skipping around.” We were getting a cat, I thought we would never get a pet. Me and my brother raced into the Petco to pick our favorite cat. Once I walked in I smelt the fresh scent of pine. I saw so many vibrant colors from all the animals and the food bags. I heard the chatter of all the animals. I walked over to where this person named Nancy was hosting was a adoption for cats, this is where we chose our pet I thought.  I started to look through the cats and I saw this gigantic cage with 6 kittens inside my eyes went straight to two kittens. One was a dark black with vibrant green eyes, my first thought was bad luck.  The other cat was a light sleek grey cat with dull dark blue eyes. I wanted the black cat, I told my parents. My brother wanted the grey cat. My family went with the grey cat, I was losing votes. How to win this I thought, their wad no way. I had lost all hope. Broken. My dad said that since our family was superstitious we had to get the grey cat. Black cat with green eyes spells out bad luck he said. We took the grey cat and went home, I was sad. Defeated.


Home sweet home my mom said in the squeaky voice you talk in when talking to your pet. We played with him all day, he was an energetic cat. We decided to name him Mueza after Prophet Muhammad’s cat. It was the night we let him walk around alone. It was around midnight when the same thing happened, the lights turned on. This time I got up to check what turned it on as I looked in the hallway, their was my cat looking straight at me with his head slightly turned. that night I went to sleep, Thinking about how people sometimes see the future in their dreams.


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