Memoir Step into my Shoes: Mark Maraffi

Mark Maraffi





Step Into My Shoes


I was speechless. I didn’t know were to go or what to say. I have always wanted to he here one day with all these people. I was explaining to my brother who these people were and what they were wearing.

I saw my favorite favorite shoe ever, so I told my brother to follow me and we pushed through the crowd and went the the KX Start stand. I looked back to to talk to my brother and I am in a crowd of people by myself.


One day in class we were on computers. I was sitting with a friend and we were looking at shoes online and we thought of Sneaker con. We went on the Sneaker con website and we saw that there was one in 3 weeks.

When I arrived home I asked my mom “can I go to Sneaker con on the 17th.”

“Maybe if your brother can take you because I am not going.”

My brother got home the day before Sneaker con so I still did not know if i was going to at dinner I asked “Luke are we going to sneaker con tomorrow.”

“Of course we are.”
Next morning I put on my favorite adidas shirt and nike hoodie ,  my adidas EQT pants, and my adidas ultra boost grey on and got ready to go to Sneaker con NYC. Later at about one O’clock we got in the car and started to go to Sneaker con.


We found a parking spot and started to walk over the the Javits center. While we were walking to the center there we a lot of people walking out (they all had boxes of shoes and very expensive clothes on) and it gave me and my brother a little idea of what it would be like in there and it was crazy. When we went through the maze of people to get to the entrance and when we were going down the escalator I saw a tremendous TV that said Sneaker con NYC the biggest sneaker event in the world. I heard the boomin beat of Magnolia by Playboi Carti. I smelled the buttery popcorn from the popcorn cart next to use and had my sweaty hands in my pocket. I thought to myself how am I going to look at all the shoes and witch will I go to first. My biggest step I ever took was my first step off the escalator onto the cement floor heading straight towards the KX Start stand with my favorite shoe the PHARRELL NMD. I turned around to show my brother the shoe and said “Luke…Luke…”I could see 100 or more people, my ears were bursting because the music, and my whole body was red and sweaty. I wanted to show my brother the shoe and be safe with my brother but I COULDN’T FIND HIM him so I reached into my pocket and got my phone and… it was dead (because I had been playing games all day in the car).

“MARK,” Luke called out.

“Thank god I couldn’t see you anywhere where were you?”

“ I was at the beginning looking at the Bape NMD then I saw you walk away so I tried to get to you.”

At the end of the day I had a blast, got my shirt signed by two people, and got to walk around New York and visit Flight Club another sneaker store, but I will always remember to keep track of my family in public events and don’t get carried away into my own world.

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