Memoir – The Scariest Ride at Six Flags – Rita Porcarelli

Name: Rita Porcarelli

Teacher: Mr. Jockers

Class: ILA Period 3

Date: 1/30/18

The Scariest Ride at Six Flags


It was a warm and sunny summer morning at Six Flags New England. The park was full of people that were ready to start an amazing day of screams and thrilling rides. As soon as Jessica and I entered Six Flags, we saw so many wild roller coasters. The thought of us going on these rides made our stomachs full of butterflies, but in a good way.  The ride that caught our attention the most was the SlingShot because from far away we saw this ride shooting people up and back down over and over again, twisting and spinning while people were 300 feet above the ground.


The SlingShot was one of the scariest rides at Six Flags. Jessica and I thought we had to try and go on the ride because for us the SlingShot looked like so much fun, and we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were brave enough to tackle the monster. We were both really nervous to go on the ride. While Jessica and I were waiting for our turn, we kept asking questions to the people that worked their like, “Is the ride actually fun like we think it is? Am I going to die?” We felt as nervous as if we had to jump from a big tall mountain and land in a sea full of sharks, but at the same time we were excited to try a different new scary ride. We were up for the challenge.


When it was our turn to sit in a big ball with two seats inside the ride, we were shaking like we were in a bathing suit outside on a snowy day. The workers tied us all up so we were safer, but I still felt the fear taking over me. The guy that works their asked us; “Do you want me to tell you when the ride is about to start?” We immediately said, “Oh! YES, PLEASE!” so that we would know when it was time to get mentally ready.


“3…2…1!”  The SlingShot shot us into the air at full speed so high up, I held onto the handles of the seat with my eyes tightly closed, grasping so tight that my hands turned white. Jessica’s eyes were wide open like she had seen a ghost, and she was screaming her soul out. A few seconds later, I open my eyes and I saw myself 300 feet from the ground, spinning front and back the whole time. It felt good, I felt like I was flying and doing flips, just like a bird.


The ride was launching us up and down really fast. I started screaming “THIS IS THE BEST RIDE EVER!” while wind blew in my mouth, making it hard to talk.


When the ride ended, the workers were opening the ball that Jessica and I were sitting in, so we could get out. We looked at each other and promised that we would go on the SlingShot again next Summer. It was the best ride we had ever gone on and we had definitely proved that we were not afraid of anything.  There were the biggest smiles on our faces as we walked out of the ride and onto our next adventure of the day, feeling like we had conquered the world.

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