Ocean Oreo

It looked like an oreo, dipping into the ocean instead of milk. The glittering water gave it a glossy texture, reflecting the golden sun as it silently swam below the surface. I stood watching, but the creature had already left.

The scintillating sunlight glistened on the sea, switching between deep dark and icy blues as the waves moved along, slapping against each other. The salty ocean breeze moved into my mouth, leaving a taste that slightly stung my chapped lips; but the view was too magnificent for me to notice this much longer. My eyes were drawn to the cold wind that pushed and pounded and pounced on the ferry. The boat creaked, yet it slowly continued its journey across the Alaskan expanse. I wanted the moment to last forever.

Hills and mountains of forest were faded in the distance, far across the endless sea. As I stood, the wind didn’t seem to touch me, yet my hair silently whipped around my head. The vast sheet of water twisted, coiled, and folded into millions of waves. Gusts of air tackled the sides of the ship. I felt as if time was slowing to a stop as I leaned against the side of the boat, staring down at the salt water.

Suddenly, a tall, slim dorsal fin pierced the wake of the boat. The figure had milky tones of white and black, and small fins gliding along through the white caps. Water rushed over its back as it bobbed up and down below the surface. Slowly and silently the orca slipped under the blue into the depths of the sea.

“Wow… it’s beautiful,” my words were almost invisible to my ear. Speechless, I scanned the water, waiting for a sign of the creature.

Sometimes I wonder why things happen. I like to keep my eyes open, always on the lookout for something magical, because the world is full of surprises waiting to be found, waiting to surprise us all.

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