S(no)w Fun – Hannah Halloran

Hannah Halloran

Mr. Jockers

ILA period 2


S(no)w Fun


The cold crisp winter air was filled with snow.  A thick blanket of snow covered the yard. I stood in the snow, my feet tingling, pondering about my next move.

“I’m bored!” Keely bounced from couch to couch as we contemplated what to do. We all sat in silence until I thought I had the best idea ever (clearly it wasn’t such a good idea!) “Guys! We should all run through the snow barefoot!” The words blurted out of my mouth with excitement before I could think things through. “Oh yeah! That sounds awesome!” Keely screamed from across the room. Socks and shoes flew in the air as everyone raced down the stairs and towards the door. The cold tile floor gave my toes a tingle. “Wait! I’ll grab a towel that we can use to wipe out feet off!” Yelled Keely as she bounced into the kitchen, coming out with a small hand-towel. I tiptoed out the creaky door as quiet as a mouse with the others following.

“Who is going first because it’s not going to be me!” Ava questioned while she shivered on the small-towel watching the soft snow fall from the sky. “Not it!” Sam called from the back of the bunch. “I’ll go fourth!” Jenna called. All of the sudden, with little hesitation, Keely leaped into the snow, dashing across the yard, screaming from the icy chill. “Come on you wimps! It only stings a little bit.” Keely said trying to hide the pain. “Oh gosh, I am probably next! How bad could it be?” I thought to myself. I slowly felt my feet rip off of the tiny towel.  The icy chill took me by surprise. “Why did it have to be my turn?” The snow gave me a Freezing and Frosty and Frigid Feeling! My feet carried my across the yard and back in what felt like and eternity. It wasn’t as bad as I thought because I couldn’t even feel my feet. It almost felt as if my feet were being stabbed by millions of pins and needles. “Oh gosh! This hurts!” I exclaimed while bouncing around on the driveway to try and get the feeling back into my frozen feet. “Here I go!” Ava plunged her piggy toes into the white fluffy mess. “Yhaww!” was all I heard from her until she reached the driveway. “Man, I can’t even feel my feet!” Ava snatched the towel from under Jenna’s feet, pushing her to the edge of the snow. Jenna jumped into the snow whining “Ouch it hurts! OMG! Save the towel for me!” She tumbled through the snow until she was back on the pavement. “Give me the towel, my poor piggies are numb!” Jenna screamed. “Oh rats, does that means it’s my turn!” Sam laughed. She slowly slid her slimy toes into the slushy snow. Sam bounced across the yard screaming. “Who’s idea was this? My feet feel like they are going to fall off! But, do you guys want to go again? We can all go together!” Sam huddled between everyone pushing them to the edge of the snowy yard. “Wow Sam, really!” Keely yelled. “Alright, but only on the count of the three!” Jenna laughed.


Our feet plunged into the sparkling soft snow, smashing it into the frozen grass. I ran to the other side of the yard tripping over my own feet. It was a race to get back driveway to see who could get to the towel first. “Guys, I need another pair of socks.” Ava randomly announced. Screams of pain and laughed filled the air until all of the sudden, the front door slammed shut. Keely’s mom walked out with an unhappy look stuck on her face.

“Oh no!” Sam whispered. Hearts raced, stomach churned.





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