Will Make It?: Keely’s Memoir

It was a musty and hot afternoon. All I could hear was chatting and yelling accompanied by a nice breeze. Yet the heat was overpowering the breeze.


I was at the annual Ice Breaker Tournament! It was only my fourth or fifth tournament that I’ve ever played in. It was about the second tournament of the season. I sorta forgot where it was, but this was last year (don’t expect me to memorise this stuff.) I only had a few fantastically funny friends on the team. One of which is one of my closest friends, Anna. Playing lacrosse together has helped us become such great friends! It was the second or third game of the season and we had already lost the game(s) before. Clearly I didn’t want to lost this one! We were only losing by one point with hardly any time left, which was exactly what I didn’t want to happen! Anna and I were chilling on the sidelines, when all of a sudden coach pulled us in the game. We were midies, we attack and defend. We basically run the whole field. That makes us some of the most important players on the field. But by far defence is the most supreme position. They protect the goal. No one wants to be scored on, right?


So, I was running down the field, ball in stick. All of a sudden, as I was nearing the goal, my opponent smacked me right in the face. She didn’t even say sorry! It didn’t really hurt because I had my face mask on, of course. Either way, I got to make a penalty shot. My first EVER penalty shot! I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I felt like Rocky before one of his fights. All of the noise was blocked out, except for distant cheering, and the sound of my heart pounding in my ears the aroma of freshly cut grass and a faint scent of french fries filled the air. The air felt heavy and the sun beaten down on my face. At that moment, I was looking my teammates and opponents that could block my shot. “Will I make it?” Was all I could think.  All of a sudden, I remembered what coach said. I nearly forgot! “Two steps, cradle, then shoot!” The rough ref blew the rickety whistle, I did exactly what Coach said.  My heart raced and sweat dripped down my face. I scored! I couldn’t believe it! Everyone was huddled up jumping around me hitting me with their sticks to congratulate me. This is exactly what I had wished for and wanted!

“Nice, Keely!” Anna yelled patting me on the back.

“Haha, thanks!”


We had a thirty (maybe 35, who knows) minute break. I caught a glimpse of Emmett, my brother in college! I dashed over to the sidelines and gave him a huge hug.

“I didn’t see you before! Were you here the whole time?” I questioned with excitement.

“Yeah! I wanted to see you play in a game.” He answered.

“Really? Thanks! Do you think I played well?” I asked, eagerly waiting for a reply.

“Yeah. But, there were some things you could’ve done better, like going for the ball when it was in the air, but you were awesome!” He replied.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!” I said.

“No problem”


I was off to “celebrate” and get food with Anna. Fries and Lemonade sounded really good!

“Your face was, like, so red! And your eye were SO BIG! And veins were popping out of your neck! And your head, too!” Anna was telling me.

“Ewwwww stooooop. Egh, how noticeable?” I asked in disgust.

“Ehhhh, wasn’t that bad. I think you scared those bratty girls! Haha!” She reassured me.

“Haha, that’d be funny,” I said. “But I doubt it.”

We sat by the rest of the team and ate our well deserved fries and drank our devine lemonade. Of course I finished my fries first. They were SO good!


That was definitely The Best Game that I’ve ever played in, EVER!

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