Abby Out By Kendall Ross

I was born in St. Louis Missouri and my family always knew at some point we were going to leave and either move back East to Connecticut or to Texas. My mom said Texas was too hot and my grandma was sick back east so we ended up moving to Easton Connecticut. We moved to Easton on the Monroe side of town to be close to route 25 and the Merritt.  I moved to the big blue house on Abbey Road when I was in first grade. We had been living in temporary housing and I was going to my mom’s elementary school, St. Mary’s which I hated. The teachers were mean to me but I did meet some nice friends there. It took awhile to get use to this house because it had a long driveway and a large pond which was scary to me. It also had a lot of woods surrounding the house with wild animals living in them so that was a little scary to me especially when I would hear the howling at night outside my bedroom window. My bedroom was in  the back of the house so at night it was so quiet you could hear anything that was outside. I could even hear the frogs from the pond when my windows were open during the summer. One of the best things about this house was the neighbors. We had almost all the neighbors come over and introduce themselves to us. One family had eight children and brought over a huge basket of fruit. The house next door had six kids and one was a year younger than me. On the top of the hill there were  three houses and another boy Aidan lived there and he was a year younger than me too.

A year has gone by and  Walker and his family moved to Texas so I was sad. But then, a big truck showed up and I thought they must have kids. I forget exactly the first time I met Thomas and his brother Andrew and his sisters Avery and Gabby.  I remember being so excited about the new family and I was even more excited  to find out that Thomas was in my grade. And it got even better when we ended up in the same class. We had great times together in that neighborhood but sadly he had to move. Luckily it was only five minutes away so we all stayed on the same bus and school. Now it was just me and Aidan in the neighborhood and we spent almost every weekend together. Usually on Friday’s Aidan and his sister Lauren would have dinner over. Lauren is friends with my younger sisters, Morgan and Madison.

Four years later…. I sadly had to move out of my big blue house with the pond I had lived in for seven years. I’ll never forget the day when my parents said “ we have to move.” I knew one day we were going to have to move out of that house but I wasn’t ready to leave.  When the day came that we started moving things out of the house, I hoped I would always remember the good memories and everything I did in and at the house like fishing on the pond, riding my dirtbike all over the yard, playing baseball indoors in the front hallway.  The hallway  was so big that we had plenty of room for a bunch of kids to play outdoor games inside during the winter.  My mom even kept it empty and put a home plate on the rug for us. That last day I had to say goodbye to that house I walked out of the house for the last time slowly. I even remember moving into the new house slowly because I didn’t know what to think of it. The day after we moved into the new house I looked out my new bedroom window and thought it is going to be Ok because many of my friends from school lived right around the corner. They all came over and we shot pool in the game room and I started to feel better.  To this day, Aidan still comes over and has dinner and sleepovers when we have no sports.  My  neighborhood friends come and pick me up on their bikes and we go riding and go on new adventures.  In the end,  I feel like I am very lucky to not have moved too far so I didn’t have to lose the most important thing to me, my friends. Change is always hard and scary and now that I have been in the house for a few months, I’m beginning to like it more each day.



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1 thought on “Abby Out By Kendall Ross

  1. Hi Kendall!

    I think your story is really great. It has alot of feeling and emotion attatched to it and I can see you worked really hard trying to put those emotions into words. I’m glad that you talked about what you do now with your old friends and it was cool getting to know this about you. I hope you like your new house! 😀

    Matt T

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