Almost Halfway There

I was waiting for my work to be checked over. But, now that it was being checked I didn’t know what to think. Or did I?  Of course this was just the beginning of a finalized essay but it was better than nothing.  Or was it?  


It was a dark and tiring night.  I was working on my Letter Essay #4. A Letter Essay is when you write about a book you just read.  But anyway I was writing this letter essay the day before it was due, so I was a bit rushed, also I was asked “Why didn’t you do any of this earlier before it was due?” by both my mother and sister..  For hours on end all I heard were the klick-clack of my keyboard and I wrote.  After I finished my mother had my sister check it over.  Of course my sister would find all of the mistakes I made because she wrote five page essays while I wrote one page essays.  Still it’s a miracle that she would help me.  She could force me to do it on my own so I should be glad that she is helping me.  In fact the first time she helped me on one of my letter essays.  Besides it’s hard for people to help  me with anything because I’m a stubborn person who thinks his or her work is great and  is perfect the way it is.  All of this took place in our formal dining room which was converted into our homework area.  My mother said to my sister, “ Can you please take a look at his essay for him.”  At first my sister said, ‘No, let him do it himself.” But in the end she agreed to take a look at my essay.  After took a look at it she put in a few comments telling me were to make a chance.  At first I didn’t want to make any changes but of course my mother got me to make changes to the places that my sister marked.     After a while my sister helped me make it better by telling me where to make some changes.  By the end of the night, I had a completed letter essay that I would be handing in to my teacher.  Still, I would like to never have to write an essay again, but as we all know the world work that way.


This letter essay was the fourth of the nine letter essays that I would write.  I still have 5 more to go, hooray I’m almost halfway there.  It’s amazing the way these essays were changing the way that I wrote and thought about writing.  Still I would like to never write another essay again.  For example I like to read fantasy and I read a lot of it but I am a horrible writer and it take me forever just to write one page. Well, I’d better go and get a head start on my next letter essay.  Let’s hope it goes smoother with less mistakes than this one.

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