Memoir Sasha Feliciano

Sasha Feliciano
Mr. Jockers

The Crash


Every night my family and I get together to to watch a movie. But, what happens when the movie ends up being a real life situation…


“Mom, Dad, Justin, Brandon. Hurry up! Come you have to watch this movie with me.”

“OMG! That is why you called us over here, for no reason.”

“Yes. Now, sit down and watch.”

“Okay. But let me get some popcorn.”

“Okay.  Also bring me some oreos.”


After,  Justin  came back with a pack of oreos and gave them to me. I was waiting until he sat down so I could start the movie. It was the beginning of the movie and my parents already asking questions. My parents always asks question instead of watching the movie. I hate when they always have to be asking question and never pay attention.


Later,  the movie was half way through, I had gotten up to get something to drink for my family and I because we were really thirsty from eating junk food. It felt like my mouth was as dry as a long a trek through the desert. As I got up, I felt this pain in my stomach. It felt like sharp needles using my stomach as a pin cushion. I finally managed to come back with the drinks, hoping my stomach pain would go away. My brother put his dirty feet where I was sitting and refused to move them, so I ended up having to sit on my dad’s lap. I told my brother to pass the pack of oreos, but as he passed it to me I angrily realized there was only like 2 or 3 more in there. I decided to eat the rest of it. When my mom saw the empty pack, she started to yell at me.


“Sasha what happened to the pack of oreos,” mom yelled.

“I ate them all.”

“This is why we never get junk food because you eat it all one day”.

“Okay,” I responded angrily.


Once she realized that I wasn’t going to argue, she become quiet and we started to watch the movie again. While we were watching the movie, there was still the sharp pain in my stomach. I noticed that my dad was rubbing my back which felt, really nice. However, I noticed that something was going to happen. As soon as he rubbed my back the third time, I knew something was going to come up and it was not going to be pretty. I tried to say something to my mom but then it was to late. Everything came up and splattered everywhere. It looked like a scene out of the Exorcist. It covered my dad’s foot and all over the floor. The only thing you could see were chunks of oreos everywhere. I stood and went to go brush my teeth, while my poor mom was cleaning up the mess that I made. My dad had to go take a shower, making me feel really bad. My mom gave me some pills to take the pain away and told me to take a nap. I took a nap for about a hour. As soon as I woke up, I went to the living room to check if my family was watching a different movie and they where; so I sat down and started to watch the movie. I felt something really weird; my brother was looking through the window like something was going to happen. He looked like a kid on christmas morning waiting to open his presents. Despite the fact that he was concentrating so hard, I started to bother him. I poked his stomach and pulled his shirt. I was 9 years old and he was 15 years old so that is expected of a little sister. I said to myself, this day couldn’t get any worse and boy was I wrong. As soon as the thought entered my mind, we heard this loud BBBBBAAAAANNNNGGGG!!!! It came from the the front yard. I screamed so loud that it felt like my head was going to explode like a rocket shooting out of the atmosphere. We all quickly ran outside to see what the noise was. To our surprise, we saw our car being pinned by our gate like they were in a wrestling match. Then our eyes glanced over to a big truck that was peeling out of our driveway before we could get the license plate. We all stood there in shock. My dad’s face was as red as a tomato from how angry he was. He tried to hold in the anger and frustration, but he couldn’t help himself. As I went back inside, I was scared with the many different thoughts floating in my head. The fear was form my head to my toes, from what was going on over in the front yard. I tried to calm myself down but it took awhile. After a little bit of time of relaxing and taking my tears out, I then told myself to take a deep breath and calm down. I knew that the police were coming and could fix this.  However, while I was finally calm, my dad wasn’t. His face was really angry like Wile E. Coyote from looney toons when he can not catch the Roadrunner. I tried to help him calm down.


“Dad calm down”

“What? You’re telling me to calm down!!”

“Yes I am.”

“Did you not see what just happened?”

“Yes I did.”

“What is wrong with you right now? ” my dad yelled.

“Nothing,” I said as I gave up trying to help him.


In the meantime, my mom was calling the police and I was thinking to myself:  Was somebody walking on the sidewalk? Did anybody care what happened? Suddenly I was awoken from my thoughts by a knock at the door. I opened the door and it was my nextdoor neighbors. I thought to myself a least somebody cares about us and also they were are really good next door neighbors. They asked:


“ Are you guys okay?”

“ Yeah we are fine. Thanks for asking.”

“ No problem.”

“ We heard that loud bang to and we were worried.”

“ Thank you,” I said as we continued to talk.


Finally, my parents, the neighbors, and myself went outside to await the cops. It was so cold that my body felt like it was in a bucket of ice. I thought to myself and didn’t realized I had said it aloud, “When the heck are the cops going to get here.” From far away you can hear some sirens, but I was still angry that it took so long; it’s like they don’t even care.My parents and my neighbors we talking with the police and it took a long time. Justin, Brandon and I were in the house waiting for them as we could no longer stand the cold. After a couple of hours pass, they finally came back into the house and sat down and said, “Everything is going to be okay. Don’t worry.” All of us said, “ Okay,” and took a deep breath of relief. We all decide to take a break and go to sleep because we were really tired from what had happened. We all stood up out of the couch and walked really fast to our rooms. We could not wait for this day to be over with.

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