Memoir-Thomas D’Amaro

Name: Thomas D’Amaro

Teacher: Ryan Jockers

Class: ILA Period 3

Date: 1/30/18

Branches Bruise


I was over at Kendall’s house, like always. I lived right next to him and we´re best friends so where else would I be on a sunny Saturday morning. I went over to play, knocked on the door and Mrs. Ross let me in and we talked for a few minutes like we always did. And then went up to play up stairs with Kendall on xbox or on his trampoline. “Hey Kendall what you want to do?” I said while walking into the room. Where we always played; it was a small room with a huge TV and of course Kendall’s xbox. Which we played Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies on so when we go back to school we can tell all of our friends that we got a high score cause we always did. (Or at least I think so…) “Let’s go play on the trampoline.” Kendall said. So we went outside and played for a bout a hour til we both got bored and I headed home.


So later that morning, I went back home to play with my little brother Andrew. (Not my best idea) To have a catch, in my room, with a rock hard baseball. So we’re doing fine except for the fact that if i throw the ball a certain way he’ll do the same. And one time, just once, I throw the ball a little high so he has the idea to do the same. CRACK. Andrew throws the ball right over my head and into my brand new plasma ball that I loved way too much. And the sound was so loud that both of my parents come running up stairs yelling “What Happened.”  So I told my parents what really happen and of course that’s not what Andrew thinks. So Andrew tells his twisted side of the story and since i’m older I SHOULD KNOW BETTER (Parents, Im I  Right) Later to see that Andrew is downstairs eating cookies with a glass of milk, giving me that evil little kid smile he gives me.


Later, eager to done something (ANYTHING) I hear a knock on the door. I Sprinted  to the door to find Francis. A 10th grader who lives up the street. And I don’t like him for reasons I would rather keep to myself. Who wanted to go play hide n go seek over at Olivers house. And I am so bored, that I actually decided to go with him. So we head on over, without telling my parents and there are about twelve other kids there that I don’t know. So we played for awhile and I had to stay next to Francis the whole time so I don’t get lost. So I did, until he ran away, out of nowhere and for no reason.


Me in desperate need of someone to hang out with found adian. Back up the road near my house. And Guess who it was, Francis. Who thought it was funny to pull back a branch and tell me to walk over, and when your like 7 years old do you even know better. So I did walk over and it did hit me right in the forehead. And to be honest I couldn’t even feel the branch WHACK me in the forehead. So I layed there, in the middle of the road with Adian and we just talked with red hot sun on our faces and for a moment, time froze and i forgot all about Francis attempting to run up the road as fast as he could and the now giant cut on my forehead. And although I was mad and wanted to run after him I couldn’t my head was pounding and he was faster than me anyway.


“Adian does this look infected.”

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