My Brother From Another Mother  by Brian Forde


On December 26th 2016 one of my brothers from another mother passed away. He had four hairy legs and four paws with rough pads. This brother was a part of my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. His name was Sparky Forde and he was a true loving animal brother. Everyone loved him in all sorts of ways. Sparky never wanted to be alone. He had a true attachment to the people in my family. When we let him out, he would not leave our side.  He was a good hunting dog  and swimmer. He loved to play ball and go walking with us.


He was a English Springer Spaniel. It was a very sad day when he passed. Sparky forde died from a liver cancer and cancer in the neck. There was no way of saving my animal brother that day. I prayed that night he would get through it, but when I woke up the next morning things looked fishy.  There was no sign of sparky or my parents. I assumed they took Sparky for a walk.


Next thing I noticed my doorbell rang. I ran to the door and opened it. I was hoping to see Sparky and my parents walk in. I wanted to see him and hug him and kiss him. I knew something was wrong. My parents gave me bad news. Then my parents told me that the vet put him down. I fell down on the ground crying and crying. I was balling with tears. I could not believe the news at all.  


I struggled dealing with the loss of my pet.  I didn’t know if I would ever get over it. Then I wished that he would come back like in the movie The Dog’s Purpose.  I was in some kind of denial phase.  I felt so empty inside and It still affects me today. A few months later my mom took me to Springfield Pennsylvania to pick out a puppy.  I was hoping to pick one out just like Sparky.  We ended up leaving the breeder with two puppies.  Although Sparky will always have a special place in my heart, I have learned to love and accept our new furry friends, Scooby and Scrappy.

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