The Long Trek (Memoir) Jack Ciambra

Name: Jack Ciambra

Teacher: Mr.Jockers

Class: ILA 3



                                                       The Long Trek                                                                                                                                                                                                           


It was Thursday and we were halfway through summer, although today was the


day our new neighbors would move into a house across the street from ours. Not


knowing what the day held I slipped on my shoes and started to head out the door. I

immediately saw them as they began to haul boxes out of their car and carry them up


to their new front porch. Although I would be little uneasy walking up to my new


Neighbors house, but since we knew each other from school, sports and past events we


weren’t complete strangers.


Three years later…


The overpowering smell of freshly cut grass seamed through our noses as I


thought about the over towering trees of green and what the woods planned for us. My


neighbors and I decided it would be a good idea to go on an “exploration,” as they called it.


Ironically, we could probably draw out every little detail of our street, since we had lived in the


neighborhood for more than four years now.   Although the three of us knew it was better to


stroll through the woods bored than do nothing at all while our parents ran errands. As I followed


their implanted footprints in the dead wet grass, and as it tainted the soles of my shoes green, we


approached the dull looking forest as the gleaming sun beamed through the trees and left a moist


morning dew that made the air humid and sticky.


We began to introduce ourselves to the woodland as the dead leaves from last


fall crunched beneath our feet. “This is nothing but boring” Ashton complained. His older


brother only shook his head to agree with him as the three of us kept advancing


forward. Only looking back every two minutes to notice how the twenty foot beams of


wood began to close up and hide their house behind us. More than fifteen minutes into


the trek crossing streams of water, tangled old metal fences and ancient rock walls still


wasn’t enough to heighten the mood. We were probably a solid twenty minutes into the


odyssey before losing trail and getting distracted by supposably “boring thoughts”. The


three of us agreed to go do something else so we did…before realizing we weren’t


walking in the same direction the whole time.


“This is all your fault!” Ashton lashed out on his older brother. The both of them


got tied up in an argument before we could even think about where exactly we were


Standing. Looking around, as each tree looked identical to the other right next to it


wasn’t much help at all. We had to figure a way out of the brush before having our own


parents come look for us themselves. Stalking around in circles, as the three of us tried


to find somewhat of a path that looked rememberable. Stress began to run high in the


three of us as we all stayed focus on the task at hand. Soon the weight of the


punishments began to sink in hearing our parents voices as they scolded us for the


obliviousness of our mistake.


For about ten dreadful minutes of stress, we began heading down one direction that


seemed somewhat significant to the way we came from. We ran as fast as we could,


tripping up on all the roots and vegetation that we could possibly come across. “Finally thank


God.” We all were stunned with a sigh of relief as we saw the back of their white tainted house.


The  three of us burst out laughing as the sudden moments of anxiety were soon taken away by


our laughter. This was soon to become one big joke (and it did).


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1 thought on “The Long Trek (Memoir) Jack Ciambra

  1. Hey Jack! I loved how you put in so much detail in your memoir, I can see that you put in a lot of effort too. And yes, I did like how you presented the setting to us before the story even started. You also added a lot of the tactics that we went over in class over the past week or so.

    All in all, I thought it was a great piece of work!

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