A Knack For Knockout by Brennan Schick

Brennan Schick

January 32, 2018

Mr. Jockers

Period 6 ILA

A Knack For Knockout


I had no idea what he was thinking, running a thousand miles per hour as to Usain Bolt only going 28 miles per hour. I had no clue what I was going to do about it but I wanted to do something. So I did…


Let’s go back a little bit to the beginning of this story. I thought it was going to be a normal day, it ended up being one of the most exciting/scary days of my life as a teenager so far. I woke up and ate breakfast, got on my football uniform like I did every Saturday and waited outside throwing the football to myself. It was only 7:30 but like every weekend I had to go to a football game at 8:00. It might have been a little early but my dad would bring me to the game when he got up. I knew that I was pretty close to the field so if I had to I would just walk.


That was eventually what ended up happening. When I got to the field I called the house and left a message telling him where I was for the game. By the time I got there it was around 8:15. The practices usually start an hour or so before the game so we remember the plays. I wasn’t too late, in fact, I was more or less one of the first people at the field. I went over to the team bench and sat down, putting my water bottle next to me. It wasn’t a far walk (as I said before) but it still had the effect of walking a 5k.


“Wow,” I said to no-one


“What’s up tiny tot?” Came a voice from behind me


That was Shawn. He was kinda average size so he did play a more laid back position, oh yeah I’m also kinda bigger than a lot of people so he likes to point that out often.


“I didn’t know a knucklehead like you woke up this early, usually idiots like to sleep in!” I responded with a matter-of-fact tone.


“Who we playing today?” he asked, ignoring my joke.


“Danbury I think”


“Oh great…”

Danbury was known to play dirty, even after being called out by the referee. At least we had the home field advantage.


The game was kind of short, at least it felt like it. Clearly, it was still a two-hour game, but when you play all the time it starts to get really boring. It was a close game, ended up being like 21 to 14. So we did win by a touchdown and an extra point. After the game, I went over to the coach to go thank him when I see a streak of black out of the corner of my eye. It was number 28 on the opposing team, running… Right at Shawn.


He hit Shawn like a boulder, I saw it all. Shawn went flying back and that’s when I went into rage mode. I turned on the boosters and sprinted at #28. He reeled back in surprise when he saw me coming. I swear I had never run so fast in my entire life, but I kept going right into his upper body, sending him into the goal post. I didn’t care, and I didn’t stop. I kept hitting him until the referee came over to break us up. Shawn was being led off the field by a couple of medical staff. The next few minutes were very weird, it was like I was in fairyland, I got into the car with my dad and he asked me a few questions. I don’t remember what but I know it was about the fight. When we got home I went straight up to my room, thinking about whether Shawn was OK or not. I wasn’t able to talk to him after the game because he went straight home also. I thought about what I would say to my parent’s or the Strykers when they came over next time (Shawn’s Last Name). I kept thinking until I finally fell asleep.  


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