Memoir Luke Vechiarelli

Luke Vechiarelli


ILA period.2


Black and Bad


It was the night I never forgot, because it was the night that I thought I was (but I didn’t) get something very important taken away from me. It was a combination of 5 things. Those things were me, Jayden, a small black object, a bed, and a wall. It was the night that Jayden and I will never forget. This is how this event happened.


One day when I was in the third grade, I asked my mom if I could have a friend sleep over. When she said yes, she asked me who I wanted to have over. And that was when I said  “I want Jayden to sleepover”. A few hours later, I saw Jayden’s dads big white truck pull into my driveway. As soon as Jayden walked into the door, we both ran upstairs to play on my Xbox360 to play a game called Injustice.


All day long (well until it got dark) we played outside. When we both were outside we did really random things. For instance, we climbed up to the top of my play set in my backyard and jumped off it with a speed parachute to see if we will float down. Another thing we did was we grabbed all of my older sisters soccer equipment, laid it out on the ground, and made an obstacle course and whoever had the slowest time was going to be pelted with soccer balls by the person with the fastest time. After we both ate dinner, we ran back up to my room  to play more Injustice. After thirty minutes of playing each other, we decided to stay up late and see how fast we can beat the main story for Injustice. And that is exactly what we did.


Whenever Jayden and I played we were unstoppable as we were playing each other and random A.I in the game playing through player v.s player. During the player v.s player fights Jayden and I had, we played each other and other random A.I. When we both fought, there was either loud screams or no noise at all (except the noise from the t.v screen). “BOOM!” I yelled during and after almost all my fights. “Get that garbage outta here!” And “Oh yeah!” I felt like I was the kool-aid man busting down walls screaming at the top of my lungs.


When I wasn’t playing and Jayden was, he was pretty much silent, but occasionally saying stuff like “did you see that”. Most of the time though, his eyes were glued to the t.v screen like a little kid looking through the glass at a toy shop. He was so focused looking at the t.v screen, that I threw a stuffed basketball at him mid-fight to see if he will react… he didn’t move an inch. “Jayden” I kept saying making sure he wasn’t dead. He always responded with “ I’m alive,” “I’m just so focused when I play and I don’t want to pause the game mid-fight.”


This all was before we wanted to play the main story. (Speaking of before the main story), before I clicked start, Jayden said “Bring up the small black gaming chair so we can sit on it up on the top bunk-bed”. Which I did (which was a really dumb idea). But not knowing that in the third grade, I brought the chair up to my top bunk-bed.


When a cutscene ended just before we were about to fight, we rotated who ever sat in the chair. When approximately half way through the story (which was at around 9:00 p.m) we decided to put the chair back on the ground since our necks were hurting from looking down all the time from the top of the ceiling. For me today that would be no problem, but we both were in the third grade and couldn’t really problem solve. We tried hauling the chair down, but I almost fell over so that didn’t work.

Next, we tried setting it on my bottom bed, but yet again I almost fell over my bed and broke my guide rails on my bed so that didn’t work either. The only option we both thought of was dropping it on my bottom bed (which was really dumb and really bad). And it worked, until the chair flew off the bed, richot off the floor like a big bulky boulder and hit my wall.

When Jayden and I saw that the chair made it to the bed, it was like a ray of light hit me. Like I was on top of the world. But that suddenly changed when the chair went slamming into the wall. When that happened I felt like I was in an asylum, a phyco, being thrown into a cell with nothing but the small bars on the door, to give me a small ray of light. Before Jayden and I went down to the wall we asked each other “Do you think anything bad happened?” (Well we heard a loud thump so) something did happen but I hoped nothing really did happen (but I knew something did happen).


What we saw scared me to death knowing that I might get in major trouble… the black chair made a HUGE dent in my bedroom wall. Furthermore, when we looked closer at it… we saw that the dent was black, since the chair was black (duh) it also had black rubber on the bottom of the chair so it wouldn’t scratch up any wood floor (but it didn’t matter for me since my floor was made of carpet). We both saw this and we were petrified and we both said to each other “Oh dear lord.” ¨This isn’t good.”


I was afraid of this because normally when there is a loud noise coming from my room, the first one to come up to see what happened was my dad. A few seconds later, Jayden and I hear a loud knock loud enough to move the skies on my bedroom door. Guess who it was, yeah, it was my dad (who looked half awake and half asleep).


I wished that my dad was just coming in to say lights out, but he wasn’t and I knew it. When my dad said the question I hoped he wasn’t going to ask, he asked it. “What was that loud thump?” Jayden and I sat on the ground in silence until I said (trying to act normal) “I was going to the bathroom and jumped off my ladder to the floor.” (which was a huge flat-out lie).


When I said that my dad, me, and Jayden all stood there in silence until Jayden said “Yes he was” as he was trying to hide the chair behind him so my dad wouldn’t get any strange thoughts. When my dad heard this from Jayden, my dad said “Ok, just be quieter and lights out soon.”

When my dad left my room I felt so relieved since he never bothered to look down at Jayden and the chair. I was mostly in shock though since my dad never asked me anything else; just what was that loud thump? And the fact that my dad just stood there made things even more weird. I told Jayden “I’m so relieved that he never noticed the chair or the fact that the black sent in the wall was as noticeable as a highlighter on a piece of paper.” (since my wall was sliver) “I agree with you 100% on that.” Jayden said before he flicked the light switch off.

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