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Dear Readers,


Recently I finished a book called Personal a Jack Reacher novel, it was written by Lee Child and is related to a ton of other books that he wrote also. It is a somewhat complicated book sometimes there are words that I didn’t understand. Since this is my favorite author, I am going to have to give this book the 10 out of 10 that it deserved. Most of the book was very action packed and the parts that weren’t were very interesting to read. Jack Reacher is a retired military agent that earned many medals during his life including the title Major Reacher and the best hand-to-hand combatant since 1964. He was living alone traveling from time to time always on the move. Not wanting to be caught sleeping by a wandering enemy that he happened to put in prison 16 years earlier. Jack is a very intelligent person doing only what he thinks he should and solving the most difficult of crime scenes, also living on the run. That’s why many of his colleagues call him Sherlock Homeless.


He was going about his day minding his own business and waiting on the bus for his stop when the people across from him got off and left a newspaper called Military Times on the seat. Military Times was an older version of the New York Times, except that it was all about the military. Jack went over to read it when he stumbled over an ad in the newspaper. On it said the following:  




Shoemaker was a previous client of Jack. He witnessed what Reacher could do and kept his mouth shut when people asked about him. Therefore, Jack owed Shoemaker a favor. Predictable.


After meeting with some high level people Reacher was sent to France to check out a shooting from a highly trained Marine sniper. John Kott. That was the name of the person who he had to find again, after 16 years of prison. See what I did there? Cause I said it in the beggini- oh nevermind, it’s not funny when I explain it. He was standing on the predicted sight that the Sniper was on when he fired the 55 millimeter at the French president. He was sent with two other silent operators that also had the same idea as him. The main part of the story that turned everything upside down happened in three seconds. Jack stood up to the edge of the balcony and saw a small flash of light about a mile away. One one thousand. The he saw the flags blow in a random gust of wind. Two one thousand. Then Kankhan’s (One of the operators) head blew apart right next to his shoulder. Jack dropped to the ground along with Bennet, the last operator.


My favorite part of the book is towards the middle where Jack does a lot of logical thinking and it absolutely blew my mind. It is so much fun reading this part and it makes you just want to throw your hands in the air and walk away. My least favorite part is near the end of the book when Jack walks down the stairs after fighting John Kott and is faced with a 9mm to his head…


My favorite character is obviously Jack Reacher because of the main reasons that he is very intelligent and is a professional in hand to hand combat. My least favorite character is going to have to go to Tom O’day. He manipulated Jack and his partner so very bad it was kind of difficult to read. All in all I do rate the book a 10 out of 10 and could not appreciate the book any more!


-Brennan Schick

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1 thought on “Letter essay #5 – Brennan Schick

  1. Brennan,
    As I’ve said, I like the conversational tone in your writing; it makes it interesting, because it sounds like you. On the other hand, this letter-essay is missing some stuff; for example: the Reflection is a paragraph short and there is no cited textual evidence nor is there a quoted passage. Combine your great writing with a thorough letter-essay and you will have produced a quality piece of work.
    Mr. Jockers

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