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Claire bernard


The 3 book I read was Matilda it was a really good book. This book is bye Roald Dahl this author writes a lot of books what are really good they are all kinda the same interest. The person who does all of the drawings is  Quentin Blake. The books that she wright are mostly  Children’s literature, Fantasy. This book was written in October 1988.  There are 232 pages in this book it took me about 2 weeks to read this whole thing i would try to rad every night.


Matilda is a book about this young girl named Matilda she had a brother and a father and mother her dad owned his own car shop the mom did nothing the two kids were in school. Matilda was a young sweet little girl she loves to read that is what she only does but her parents dont allow the kids to read in the house. Her father yells at her (We have a nice telly put down your book). Matilda did not want to put down her book all she wanted to do is read. She would go to her towns library and sit there and read she would read every book the libarn would give her to read.  That was her new favorite thing to do but also she never really liked her parents they were mean to her so she would play jokes on her father to get him mad.


I liked this book because it is really funny just to sit down and read also there is a lot one happens threw out each chapter i also just like how the other writes the book you could tell they put a lot of time into the book. I chose this book to read because it seems really good i also read it when i was  a lot younger and I remember how funny it was and i need a good book i could just read. And I haven’t read it in a long time so it was calling my name on my bookshelf This book stood out to me because it’s different than a normal book you would just read it has dialogue and people talking back and forth also it was just a fun book to read anyone could read this book it does not take long to read . overall i would give this book a 7 out of 10 because like i said it’s a really good book and you could tell the author put a lot into this book because of how well it is written no one could ever write a book like how this author did.


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4 thoughts on “Letter essay 3 Matilda

  1. Dear Claire,

    Good job on this! I really enjoyed how you included what you liked about the book and why you gave it the rating you did.


  2. Claire,
    Matilda is a great book, and you did a nice job explaining why you read it and liked it. But your job as the writer of this piece is to tell readers about the book and you can’t write about Matilda and not mention how she develops the ability to move things with her mind and how she uses that to get revenge on that horrible principal-person at her school.
    Mr. Jockers

  3. Dear Claire,

    I really enjoyed this book and movie as a kid and remember watching this movie so much as a kid. I absolutely love it so much. I really enjoyed seeing what u thought about this in a lot of ways I agree with what you are saying and I think your essay is very good. But I think you missed a few key points of the book. I don’t remember much of the book and don’t know if the book in the movie is exactly the same but from what I remember from the movie you are missing some key parts of it. But I really loved to hear your opinions.

  4. Claire-
    Just like Katie, I remember watching Matilda and reading the book when I was younger. I always loved the movie. You did a really good job sharing your thoughts and explaining your rating.
    Good Job!
    Katherine St. Jean

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