Letter Essay #6- Yotsuba- By: Maddie Longo

Recently I finished reading Yotsuba, a 224 paged manga series written by Kiyohiko Azuma. Who is a 49 year old Japanese manga artist. He started this hilarious, heartwarming manga series Yotsuba, in 2003. I read this manga book because I was very interesting in reading one. I’ve been watching Japanese animes and I thought I would also enjoy reading Japanese mangas. After I read Yotsuba I was blown away. I thought it was such an entertaining thing to read. Because it’s not like an ordinary book you have to read Left to right, up and down. I definitely to recommend the Yotsuba series. You’ll have a fun time reading them!


In the Manga book Yotsuba, the main character Yotsuba a green-haired little girl who doesn’t have a clue about anything she moves into a new house, in a new neighborhood with her with her father, koiwai. In Yotsuba’s new neighborhood she meets new people and goes on exciting journeys.

I liked the way the author added a lot of humor in the manga. The drawing were very entertaining because you could really versand how the character was feeling. I really thought that helped me understand the manga better. I noticed how the author added the smallest details in the manga for example, he would add little sound effects and like movements so you could almost hear what was happening. I found that really helpful because it was just so entertaining.  


Finally, I was interested in this page/passage of the manga,

“Hi! Did you just move in?” “Huh? Y-yes.” “I knew it!” “My name is Ayase im your next- door neighbor! It’s a pleasure to meet you!” “Uh yeah. Same Here,” “Are you going to throw those away?” “i’d like to, but I don’t know where.” “Oh! Cardboard goes out with the recyclables. It gets picked up every Friday. “You see that net over there, next to the street light? That’s where it goes. “Thanks.” “Sure, oh and burnablesgo out mondays and thursdays. Non-burnables are every saturday. If there’s anything else I can help you with please just let me know!” “you’re still in high school right?” “sir?” “uh yes 1 am…” “No, It’s just you’ve really got it together, you know? When I was in high school I didnt… no scratch that i still don’t have it together.”  “please try harder then!” “yes ma’am” “By the way, are you living here alone?” “No im with my with my daughter she’s still pretty young…” (page 16, 17)

I picked this passage because I thought it was very entertaining. With the pictures it was very easier to understand of chores, and it had a lot of funny facial expressions that really made me understand it a lot more.

Im very glad I read this manga. Irt was my first one and I enjoyed it very much. I give this book a 10/10 and I do recommend it to people who are interesting in reading mangas.


Your fellow classmate,

Maddie Longo

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4 thoughts on “Letter Essay #6- Yotsuba- By: Maddie Longo

  1. Maddie,

    I really like your explanation of why you chose that passage and what you liked about the book. You made the book sound really good and interesting. Good job! Your letter essay is great!

    -Hannah Halloran

  2. Maddie-
    I really enjoyed your letter essay on Yotsuba. I have read one manga book before, and I enjoy manga, as well, though sometimes it may be difficult to read. I liked how you explained the humor in the book, because the author, Kiyohiko Azuma, seems to be a great writer. Great job!
    -Marissa S.

  3. Dear Maddie,

    I liked how you chose to read a book that is similar to your current interests. I also liked how you described how the book was written from left to right and you had to read from the bottom of the page up. In your summary you could explain more about the plot of the book. Great job!


  4. Dear Maddie,

    I really enjoyed you letter essay, it felt like you new what you were talking about and You had a lot of details and it was very interesting to read.

    – Sasha

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