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I recently read the book The Paladin Prophecy.   500 page fiction book by Mark Frost. Mark Frost is the author of The Paladin Prophecy series and partnered with David Lynch to create and produce the television series for twin peaks.    He also wrote the screenplays for the Fantastic Four and wrote 8 books that made him a New York Times bestselling author.


Will West is a 15 year old kid who lives by his father’s rules.    The most important ones is Rule #3, Don’t Draw Attention To Yourself, and Rule #5, Trust No One.    His father had 99 rules that Will treated like they were laws. All of that happened before Will scored off the grid on a test.    Soon after he found out about it he finds that he is being stacked by people in a black sedan and that he can run very fast. After that he is offered a full scholarship by a school in Wisconsin that not many people know about.    Can Will get to the bottom of the mystery or will he lose those he loves? Read the book to find out.


I was surprised when Will’s parents wouldn’t let him try out for cross country even though he is very fast.   I was surprised that Will’s parents didn’t want anybody to know about his speed and stamina. Wills speed would have broken many world records and made him famous.    But perhaps his parents didn’t want him to be famous because they were afraid of someone or something.


I liked the way the author told us something about Wills past.    I liked this because it shed some light on if Will knew he was fast and haw fast he could go.    The author made it look like Will was a complete mystery while during this part of the book.


I wish that the author added more details and suspence during this part of the book.    This part of the book was amazing but it was kind of boring and the I had a hard time picturing how the scene was playing out.    This part of the book was one of the crucial parts of the story. The part about understanding how his life was going to change.    For good of for bad.


This passage from the book stood out to me because it shows part of Wills unnatural powers.    “His best times shattered, twice, in less than an hour, and he had hardly broken a sweat. He’s always knows he was fast.    He’d found out that he could run like a deer at ten, when a dog had chased him and he discovered he had another gear. But when we told his parents about it, they’d been dead-set against letting anyone see him run.    They wouldn’t even let him try out of cross-country until this year, and only after he promised to hold back in practice and meets. Will still didn’t know how fast he really was, but based on this morning, he could have crushed every record in sight.  ”(p. g. 14) I chose this paragraph because showed Wills past and how strict his parents are. He shows that Will can run but holds back because of the rules his parents drilled into him. Even though these rules were drilled into him he still ran at full speed when he found out he was being chased.  


Overall I would rate this book with an 8 out of 10.    I think that this book needs a bit more suspence to get it up to a 9.    Also I think that this book is great in many ways, but in my opinion, it’s just lacking a few thing that will make it truly great

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7 thoughts on “Letter Essay #6 Michael Liu

  1. Hi Michael,
    I can’t imagine my father or mother having 99 rules that my brother and sister and I have to follow. My family is not strict and I don’t like the rules that we have and they are way less than 99. It’s so cool that Will ended up having super powers. It’s sad that he was afraid to use them fully because of his parents rules. Overall it sounds like a good book.

  2. Nicely done letter-essay, Michael. I think this is your best one yet. Work on adding some more textual evidence to the paragraphs in your Reflection.

  3. Hey Micheal I really like this letter essay, it is not every day that people get to talk to each other about books and its definetly not everyday that I want to read 500 Page book but you did a great job and you really sold it, I think you may need to fix your 3rd paragraph it was a little unclear to me due to the wording but overall good job

  4. Hi Michael,
    I really enjoyed your letter essay. It gave good detail about the book without spoiling any major parts within the book. I wish you could have gone into some more detail about the book, but overall good job!

  5. hello Michael

    This sounds like a very nice book for me to read because it sounds like my parents rules when i am out with them in public.

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