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Recently I finished Ready Player 1. I had previously written Letter Essay #4 on the first 200 pages of the book I read of the book. I now have completed all 579 pages of the book including a prologue of Armada his second novel. I previos stated the book was written by Ernest Cline and was released by Random House on August 16, 2011.  The reason I read this book was because of my dear friend Milo, he introduced the book to me during ILA when we were discussing recommendations.


After the 200 hundred pages I read Wade falls in love with another Gunter (Egg Hunter) Art3mis.

The funny thing is he has never even met her in real life or even seen her in real life. Wade and all of the other Gunters that have points on the universal scoreboard are invited to a party hosted by Og (Ogden Morrow) James Halliday’s oldest friend and partner. Eventually Wade confesses his love for Art3mis and she backs away and finds the 2nd key and passes the second gate as do many other gunters leaving Wade behind. At this point he is scrambling for answers but then he remembers some very key information. (I don’t want to spoil it) Anyway he catches up to the third gate and there is a monumental battle The greatest Battle of All OASIS History!!!!! I will not spoil but Wade is allowed the ultimate second chance at the near end of the book.


Another book I could compare this to is Beyonders. I know that might seem like a bit of a stretch but here’s why they are similar, In Ready Player 1  and Beyonders just by the wave of a hand you can enter and entirely new universe. I could also compare this to Narnia in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. These two compared book are written by Orson Scott and C.S Lewis.


I liked how the author not only tied in a mix of 80’s pop culture but a very accurate representation of a teenager. In the book there are references to puberty and Middle School/High School. I can remember a series of times where the main character mentions him struggling to stay fit with his bodily changes and him struggling with acne.


I was surprised about ¾ way through the book when Wade couldn’t figure out the 2nd riddle to find the second key. He had been a trivia whiz throughout the contest so far and somehow he lost his grove and couldn’t figure it out. Although part of the reason why was because he was devastated Art3mis had left him.


My favorite passage in the book is “ We sat there a while, holding hands, relieving in the strange new sensation of actually touching one another.  Some time later, she leaned over and kissed me. IT felt just like all those songs and poem had promised it would. It felt wonderful. Like being struck by lightning. It occured to me then that for the first time in as long as I could remember, I had absolutely no desire to log back into the OASIS.” 578-579. WHat I enjoy about the passage is the fact that they eventually fell in love which is always good for a happy ending, and that it leaves on a bit of a cliffhanger meaning he could eventually log back in, destroy the OASIS, or completely forget about the database contest that made him rich.


Like I said previously, I rate this book a 10 out of 10!!!







Here is a trailer for the upcoming movie:


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1 thought on “Letter-Essay #5 Jayden Candee

  1. Dear Jay,

    After finishing ready player one as well, I enjoyed your letter-essay. I agree with many of your points including how the author mixes the 80s culture and the representation of a teen. Maybe next time you could elaborate a slight bit more about why you chose the book to be a 10 out of 10 because that is high praise. I rated mine a ten out of ten as well and i am praying of a sequel.

    -Jackson C.

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