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I have currently finish reading the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio which is also a New York Times bestseller. The book “Wonder had a movie about it that came out in 2017 which was directed by Stephen Chbosky that I watched with my father and sister. The genre of the book is Children’s literature. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend. I chose this book because last year the book got so much hype around it and I wanted to read it but I didn’t have the time. I stumbled across the book again this year and decide to finish what I had started and read the book. I think that this book has the reputation it deserves and people will continue to love it.


In the book “Wonder”, August Pullman, a boy with facial “differences’’ enters the 5th grade in an actual school for the first time. August or “Auggie” love the concept of space, science and astronauts. Auggie unfortunately gets bullied and picked on in school by another 5th grader named “Julian Albans”. Auggie meets a fellow student “Jack Will” and they instantly become friends. Auggie has an older sister Olivia or “Via” who is also having a troubling time in her life. Via feels as if “she is a ghost” and nobody in her life pays attention to her. Via meets a boy Justin after her “breakup” with her best friend Charlotte who is also having problems at home. Charlotte’s father left her mother with his boss and her mother is dealing with problems of her own. The rest of the book gets amazing but the rest is for you to find out on your own. But one thing that I really liked the way the author put you in the mind and head of the character that you were reading about and almost made you feel what they are feeling at the time.


One line/example of this in the text is where Olivia is introducing her new boyfriend to her mom and brother:


“Ha, I guess you’re right,” Justin said, nodding and tucking his hair behind his ears. “Creole’s the kind of music they play in louisiana” he said to me.

“Are you from Louisiana?” I asked

“No,um” he answered, pushing up his glasses. “I’m from Brooklyn”

I don’t know why this made me want to laugh. “Come on, Justin” Said Via, pulling him by the hand. “Let’s go hang out in my room.”

“Okay, see you guys later. By,” he said


As soon as they left the room, Auggie looked at me, smiling. “Im from Brooklyn,” I said, and we both started laughing hysterically.

Pg. 184 -185


I chose this passage because it was an example to my “Writing about reading: Some Openers” question and because it shows the element of starting to build good ending in the book. I would rate this book a 17 out of 10 and I would recommend it to all people alike. Thank you for reading my letter essay and I hope you liked it.



– Gabe Parrales

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