Letter Essay #6- Thomas D’Amaro

I recently finish the book, Mutation, a 333 page fictional book by the author Roland Smith. Roland Smith is a adult fictional writer some of his books include Elephant Run, Peak, and Storm Runners. Currently he is 66 years old, married to Marie Smith, and is still writing adult fiction.

The reason I choose to read this book is that when I was reading the back cover I felt like I was taken into the book. But also when reading the back cover there was a mystery to be solved. Because I was feeling these thing I thought it was going to be a good book.

Marty O’hara and his friends Luther Smyth and Dylan Hickock want to rescue Marty’s cousin but she was captured by Marty’s grandfather so they going on a mission to save her. After saving Grace, Marty wants to head back but his friend keep disappearing one by one so Marty and Grace need to go on and save their friends.

I noticed how the author loved to write with a lot of suspense in the book. The main character marty I thought was really Brave going back to help his friends. I wish that they make a second book.

I like when Luther was walking through the forest, Luther said, “Now it was dark it was impossible. Death By A Thousand Cuts, he thought again. Tenderizing me before they throw me into a communal pot. Luther’s only respite had been terrifying ride in a Dugout canoe across a river. When they finally reach the opposite Shore, he thought they would push him down a short path to their Village and the walking torture would be over.” (p.164)

What I love about this passage is that the sentences are very well crafted and used strong language. In the book Mutation it felt like I was apart of the story. I really liked the way Roland Smith uses authors craft to keep you on the edge of your seat. I rate this book a 7 out of 10. I would read this book again, if I ever came across it again.

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3 thoughts on “Letter Essay #6- Thomas D’Amaro

  1. The parts of this letter-essay that you included, Thomas, you did well. Look closely at the checklist, though; your Reflection is just a bit short.

  2. Dear Thomas,

    Great Work! I really like the construction of your letter essay, thanks for sharing it with the people of the blog


  3. Good job Thomas. I like how much you really enjoyed reading the story and how the back cover really made you want to read the book. It makes me want to read the book. Your summary makes me wonder why all the people in the story began to disappear so I will need to know from you. Reply back to me.

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