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Recently over the past week I have finished reading Paper Towns, which consist of 305 pages. This book was written by John Green. John Green is an author, actor, vlogger, producer, and educator he does it all. One reason I chose to read this book is because John Green is one of my favorite authors and I really enjoy his book. Another reason why I chose to read this book is because it was highly recommended by one of my friends.


Throughout this book of Paper Towns, all of the main characters are seniors in high school and just a few weeks away from graduation. Quentin a senior one night goes too Margo’s house another senior and asks for her help to get back at everyone who had hurt her in high school. She has a list of eleven things to complete. After they complete the list of eleven Quentin is happy she has regained Margo’s friendship. Soon after Margo doesn’t show up for school and is pronounced missing. Quentin searches Margo’s room and finds a poem with an address. Meanwhile, he goes to the address to find a abandoned mall with the words “You will go too paper towns and you will never come back.” highlighted. Which makes him believe this was confirming Margo committed suicide. But in the turn of events they find Margo living in a barn with a gang. This is the end of Quentin and Margo they confess their feeling and go their own way, they believe this is the only way.  


The genre of Paper Towns is mystery. Mystery is my favorite genre of all time. I enjoy the thrills the mysteries give you and the suspense that they feed. Suspense in a book is the only reason I keep reading on, it feels like I need to know what’s going to happen. Also I really enjoy trying to figure out the mystery like in this book where did Margo go and where did she end up.


I really enjoyed how the author John Green gave incredible detail in this book. Description and detail always makes a book one hundred times better too read. It gives the book and extra bonus which makes me want to read it. John Green never misses a detail in a book and always adds more than needed but does it an a powerful way.


The main character in this book really inspires me because of how strong she is. Margo goes through many ups and downs which she gets through like trying to find your best friend that goes missing. Personally I could never live through that. They way Margo and Quentin push through too find her makes them really strong, which is inspiring.


Finally I really enjoyed this passage because it contains so much in one sentence and I love the way John Green wrote it. “As much as life can suck, it always beats the alternative.”


I really loved this passage because it shows only a few words can mean so much. Another thing I enjoyed about  this passage is that it means so much in the book because this is when Quentin thought Margo committed suicide. I recommend this book too anyone who loves mystery, suspense, and love stories. In my opinion I would rate this book a 7.5 out of 10 because it had a very deep meaning too the book.

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2 thoughts on “Paper Towns (Letter essay) -Giorgianni

  1. Gia,
    It appears you put a fair amount of effort into this, and you did a nice job summarizing. But I’d like for you to be more specific in your elaboration in your Reflection. For example, in the paragraphs you start with those sentence starters, analyze what happens in the story and provide proof of that by including textual evidence. Like when you write about how much you like suspense, describe a particularly suspenseful scene in the book and explain why it was suspenseful. And for the quoted passage, include a longer passage of writing, not just a quote. You can do this.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Dear Gia,

    I really enjoyed your letter essay. Your summary gave me a very good peak into the book without showing me the end. The message that you picked up from the book was very relatable. I overall really liked your letter essay, but I feel like you could work on transitioning into the next topic. Sometimes I found that the way you progressed through the essay was somewhat abrupt, but good job. I hope you enjoyed your book and continue to read books you have fun reading!

    Gabe P.

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